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February 4, 2011

His Excellency
Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of the 
Republic of India
New Delih 

Dear Mr Prime Minister

On behalf of the American people, it was my sincere pleasure 
to experience such a warm welcome from the people of India during 
my visit last November. Both Micheilie and I would like to thank you 
again for the hospitality show by you, Gursharan and the people
of India I viewed the warm public reception as a clear reflection 
of our nations' strong sense of shared values and kindered democratic 
beliefs that underpin and drive our strategic partnershp.

In the spirit of this friendship I want to underscore the stregegic 
importance the United States attches to the selection of a US proposal 
in India's Medicum Multi Role Combat Aircrat MMRCA competition

The United States Government is offering India two of the mot advanced
multi mission combat aircraft in the world-the Boeign F/A 18IN and the 
Lockheed Martin F 16IN. These aricraft have a demonstrated qualitative 
militaty advantage over any current fourth generation plus aircraft,
without the associated developmental or technical risks and both aircraft 
have an unmatched track record for reliability, resulting in lower
opearting and maintenance costs. The US proposals will dramataically 
enhance India's own aeerospace industrial base and defence capabilities. 
Additionaly you can be confident in the probity and transparency of doing 
business with American Companies.

Let me reassure you that the United States is a willing capable and 
reliable defense partner to India. High technology defense sales are 
increasingly a cornerstone of our strategic partnership. We have broken 
new ground with the advanced systems we are offering India with these 
aricrafts including the operatinally proven US Active Electronically 
Scanned Array AESA radar technology. This type of technology is only
provided to our closest allies and partners. Equipped with tihs technology, 
we are confident both of thees aircraft will exceed the expectations of 
the Idnian Ari Force. We are committed to continuing to offer India superior 
technology, including efforts to jointly develop the finest cutting
edge technologies. I view the MMRCA acquisition as a key step along this path.

During my visit in November 2010we committed to expand our relationship 
in new and ambitious areas giving our peopels a vision of strategic 
partnership that promises decades of close collaboration in the pursuit of 
the shared goals of propsperity and security. Through our recent initiatives 
the United States has demonstrated its committment to India's rise and its global
leadership role. The selection of a US proposal for the MMRCA tender 
will strengthen our partnership launch our defese cooperation on an ambitious
and rewarding trajectroy and provide strategic continuity to our growing relationship.

I am grateful fo our friendshp and I respectfully ask that your 
Government will give its full consideration to the commercial technical 
and strategic merits of the US proposals.


Barak Obama
President of USA

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