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for publication on Tuesday November 19, 2013


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
Four Congress MPs from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are in constant touch with BJP leader Rajnath Singh- In the past month, there were secret meetings  between them. Interestingly, these MPs are disappointed with the Congress performance- and basically Congress unable to decide the alliance partner. More input is that Narendra Modi rallies in Uttar Pradesh were successful hence four MPs are keen to join BJP. During Winter Session of Parliament
President Pranab Mukherjee message on Sachin Tendulkar retirement
was the sudden provocation for UPA Government to speed up the announcement of Bharat Ratna. The wordings were so similar and if compared the PMO had picked up two or three sentences from President of India message. Interestingly there was a query from President Estate to Government- that Bharat Ratna is announced for individuals but UPA Government without discussing with President went in for announcing for CNR Rao also.  
Best Parliamentarian Award is likely to be conferred on Arun Jaitley, Sharad Yadav and Karan SIngh during the Winter Session of Parliament. President Pranab Mukherjee will decorate the award. Insiders say this award was to have been given in Monsoon session, But  the JDU and Congress alliance was firming up and Sharad Yadav had two minds. Meira Kumar Congress MP does not want to be seen with the JDU in photographs till such time the JDU Congress alliance was firmed up.  
Early next year the walls of Lobby side of Parliament a row of painting photographs of former speakers of Lok sabha.
They now sixteen - G V Mavlankar, Ananthasayanam Iyengar, Hukum Singh, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, G S Dhilon, KS Hegde, Balram Jakhar , Rabi Ray,  Shivraj Patil, P A Sangma, GMC Balayogi, Manohar Joshi and Somnath Chatterjee. And presently Meira Kumar   Surviving former Speakers are six. Is that good to open the portraits when they are alive.
It is all the initiatives of Meira Kumar. Hence rules can be waived. She wants her portrait unveiled


By R Rajagopalan

Kiran Kumar Reddy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on Monday
said that if Andhra Pradesh is bifurcated,  there will be a political instability naxal threats  terrorists and Communal violence and maintaining law and order in Hyderabad will be very difficult with communally hypersensitive Hyderabad. Kiran Reddy therefore appealed to the wisdom of decision makers at national level not to split the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh.

Kiran Reddy  rolled out facts and figures and scared the Group of Ministers with Internal security issue for not to create Telangana.  Kiran Reddy said three aspects 
Kiran Reddy argued for united Andhra Pradesh-by focussing the speeches of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in various meetings on Left Wing Extremism. Dr Manmohan Singh said that Naxalims is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by India

Making a presentation on Issues of Internal secuirty before the Group of Ministers Constituted fro bifucation of sthe state of Andhra Pradesh By Kiran Kumar Reddy on November 18, 2013

Kiran Reddy while concluding his presentation stated the following three important points.

Kiran Reddy said that expected political instability coupled with limited resources of Law Enforcement on account of smaller size of the Telangana state will have serious implications for countering the threat of Naxals Terrorists and communal violence.

The re-emergence of Naxal  violence in Telangana state will automatically lead to increase in Naxal activity in the residual state of Andhra Pradesh too

The law and Order situation in Hyderabad city will come under severe stress and strain on a regular basis.
The division of the state has therefore dangerous implications to the safety and security of people of both the new states proposed especially to the people of Hyderabad City.

Therefore the division of the state is not recommended in over all interests of safety and security needs of people of both the regions.
 ------    EXCLUSIVE      -------

Kiran Reddy made 
85 pages power point presentation 
to Group of Ministers


By R Rajagopalan

Kiran Reddy Chief Minister posed 36 basic crucial issues - including problems of Telangana-RayalaseemaRiver water sharing, power sector concerns employment concerns education sector concerns and feeling of short circutting of legal and constitutional conventions., for not to create Telangana

Kiran Reddy presented 85 pages note to the Group of Ministers which 
this correspondent obtained a copy( Editor may please see the attachment- scanned and sent with this email for publication of 85 pages) for keeping a unified Andhra Pradesh -before Group of Ministers on Telangana in New Delhi on Monday.

Kiran Reddy's  36 basic crucial issues are -

Is separation bifurcation a solution to the present crisis?

Significance of United Andhra Pradesh 

Status of Hyderabad

Can Seemandhra contribution be disregarded?

River Water Sharing

Views of the first State Reorganisation Commission

Agrarian Importance of Andhra Pradesh 

Projects on the River Krishna sacrifices by People of all three regions


Shortfall of water availability in River Krishna and Competing Interests

Dam management and control on the river Krishna

New Projects on River Krishna

Complexities in the Inter se usage of the waters in Srisailam dam

Present management of deficit in the state of Andhra Pradesh

Difficulties in Managing Srisailam and Nagarsunasagar Projects

Institutional mechanism for management of River Krishna

Inter River Basin Transfer

Emergency Inter basin transfer of Water

The dilemma of the Polavaram Multipurpose Project

The problems of Telangana

The Problems of Rayalaseema

Upper Riprarian Projects in River Krishna

Telangana Deprived of its rightful allocated share in river Krishna

Diversion of Waters outside the Krishna basin is it not permissible?

Implementation of Tribunal Awards

Proliferation of River Water disputes

Irrigation Map of Andhra Pradesh

Project Map of Godavari basin

Project Map of Krishna Basin

Power Sector Concerns

Employment concerns 

Government employees

Private employees in Organised sector

Skilled and semi skilled

Self employed


Complexities of 371 D on the division process

Educational Sector Concerns

Feeling of Short cicuitting of legal constitutional conventions

Impact of bifurcation on maintenance of law and order

Copy of the letter CM of Andhra Pradesh wrote to President of India

Copy of the letter CM of Andhra Prdaesh wrote to Prime Minister


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R Rajagopalan 
Political analyst & Bureau Chief, Vaartha

Cong meet on Telangana final draft: what can be expected?

This chat is over. Thanks for joining.
  • Don’t you think sir, time is out for Congress….if it does not take a definitive stand…it’s going to be disastrous. But, a party with lot of clever and seasoned politicians am sure, they will come with some other reasoning which will give them more time.Asked by: S ESHWAR
  • Congress will never take a concrete decision especially on Telangana. As it has been receiving different signals not only from its Central leadership on Telangana, but also from the state of andhra - Kiran Kumar Reddy offerend to resign today july 12 2013 if Telangana is created. such an emotive issue. Congress will hype Telangana but will not take a final call
  • Congress will never commit on this. My understanding is Hyderabad will have to be a Union Territory for eleven years later to merge with Telangana, till such time Andhra gets its capital
  • assuming Congress will agree for a bifurcation, how do you see it benefiting congress in elections in the New Andhra Pradesh and Telangana? Asked by: Keshava Prasad
  • Congress will never get benefited in elections. Though it would like to ensure that telangana is brought to centre stage once again. Congress will never agree for bifurication. it will dodge the key issue. Congress having committed in manifesto, presidential speech in parliament....
  • Congress will never take a decision on Telangana. Congress will create a hype and public enthusiasm It will not take a final call.
  • What will be the likely outcome and wht is the likely consequence Asked by: Ranganathan
  • Outcome will be big disappointment. Core Group will push the ball to the Government court. And you have Shindes and Chidambarams to take the blame for saying yes on telangana and no on telangana Congress maintained stotic silence since 2004 and at the fag end of UPA rule in Delhi-once again hyping Telangana.
  • What rationale will be offered to split Seema into two - Kurnool and Anantapur with Telangana and Chittoor and Kadapa with Andhra? (Other than political gains I mean) Asked by: Venu
  • Dear Venu, you are having a day dream. Congress would like to want to have ladoos in both hands. No commitment on Kurnool or Anantpur. These are bright suggestions like Justice Sri Krishna Commission deceived the aspirations of people from three regions of andhra pradesh UPA will not go in for such a VENU FORMULA
  • Is it the final meeting & discussion on this issue? Asked by: RAVI
  • Hot debate on Telangana -It has just begun - after Congress had woken up. Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Sonia Gandhi opened up their mind with any of the Congress cadre on this issue. Mr Ravi- Congress is a party of 130 years in existence It has seen lots of crisis and issues. Therefore Telangana is one of them. And it is just a begining. Congress wanted to take this issue loud and clear- so that it gets votes in AP.
  • so many meets before, yes/no should be very soon, otherwise killing time with many disruptions, Pls dont play with peple lives for you benefits!! Asked by: srikanth
  • Srikanth, you are absolutely right. NDA credited with three smaller states. but UPA failed to create in their ten years regime. You are right do not play with people lives for Congress benefits. I do not think Telangana will be born tomorrow morning
  • Natural resources wise Telengana will have more to exploit. will this affect economy of the Andhra area ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • First of all deal these issues politically. Which Congress does not want. Congress will not create Telangana- but more Jagan Mohan Reddys thereby Congress will ensure itself of being wiped out from the state Congress getting isolated in Andhra is the natural resouce-
  • Digvijaya Singh is forthright and says no more delay. His position looks fine since all parties want a TELENGANA . How and when of the bifurcation is the issue.. Could there be a consensus worked out ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • The baloon floated by Digvijaya Singh is now to burst. I do not think that Core Committee would give a final call today on telangana
  • Do you think if BJP comes to power will be able to take decision on Telangana?Asked by: Ramu
  • My dear Ramu, My answer to you is YES
  • Is Kiran's resignation a real threat for High Command? What he can do after that? Can he start his own party and win seats? None of of the congress leaders can threaten High Command as they all are nothing without congress Asked by: Vasu
  • Congress will allow Kiran Reddy to submit his resignation. Good riddence for them. Mr Venu if you noticed today's video clipping. Kiran Reddy wanted to carry a broad map of Andhra into 10 Janpath. SPG did not allow Kiran Reddy to carry the broad sheet ... From this what do you make out. Kiran Reddy will be marginalised in all india congress internal politics if he weilds threats of resignation
  • IS it because of the local panchayat elections are in sight , congress is again trying to play cheap tricks by creating all noise ??? Asked by: Srikanth
  • you said it mr srikanth, Congress having got isolated in andhra pradesh politics now wants to become an entity in atleast one region. New Delhi political observers estimates that Congress flip flop on Telangana will result in a major defeat for Congress. it will not get even 5 to 6 seats in Lok Sabha - this is what Congress MPs privately share juicy grapevines
  • Do you think Modi factor is behind all these Telangana hype? Asked by: hanmi reddy
  • BJP is for smaller state and for Telangna Yes it has maintained its policy on Telangana - of course if Modi campaigns on this emotive issue like M Venkaian Naidu made a presentation to BJP parliamentary party that BJP will get 5 lok sabha seats from andhra if modi is projected----

Reuters video clipping of Narendra Modi interview.
you may please click the web link where you can
also hear R Rajagopalan byte to Reuters
on Narendra Modi.

  1. India's next PM? | Video |
    19 hours ago - (SOUNDBITE) (English) POLITICAL ANALYST, RRAJAGOPALAN, SAYING: "Bureaucracy wants him, diplomats want him, industries want him, ...


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DMK failed to expose ADMK

By R Rajagopalan

AIADMK is in control of Tamil Nadu-   There is no Opposition to ADMK
Karunanidhi's DMK  is fragmented with family dissensions.  
And no presence of Congress in the Tamil Nadu. 
This is the grispy description about politics of Tamil Nadu.

Congress leaders are invisible. ADMK has driven out Congress from
Tamil Nadu

That is why a senior political commentator told me that 
Jayalalitha is the modern Mahishasuramardhini 
who has taken birth to trounce Congress in Tamil Nadu.

Projections of ADMK prospects in Lok Sabha?

Visualising a possibility in the state of Tamil Nadu in the ensuing
Lok Sabha polls. 

ADMK is bound to sweep the state. My estimate is that Jayalalitha
would bag somewhere 25 to 28.  DMK 5 to 8. And ADMK allies
like Vaiko, CPI CPM might take the rest. This means wipe out
of Congress and Vijaykant DMDK.

How UPA ignored Tamil Nadu?

UPA leadership also failed to attract ADMK 
not only from the party to party contact, the UPA2 with vengence
against Jayalalitha did not try to reach out to ADMK 
from the angle of Centre and State Governments. 
It is a sad commentary that none of the Union Ministers
had discussed the basic issues pertaining to the 
economic, commercial and public werlfare  developments of
Tamil Nadu   None of the Union Ministers drove to Tamil Nadu
Secretariat to meet Jayalalitha.  The arrogant behaviour of
few Union Ministers made Jayalalitha and also ADMK to go
after Congress in the state and finish the Congress roots in the

What are crucial issues ?

Crucial issues in Tamil Nadu are three.  Power shortage-slow 
motion of infrastructure developments and massive hike in bus fare and 
in essential commodities prices

Corruption of course is an issue in Tamil Nadu, but Jayalalitha 
In her two years of regime-did not go in for with glare.

Sri Lankan Tamil issue was a temporary baloon floated by
one section of DMK, which grounded with their withdrawal of
support to UPA.

Why DMK is disintegrated?

DMK is ridden with family disputes. When I interacted with a senior DMK leader
and son of Karunanidhi- he openly confessed that future of DMK without his father
is bleak. And he agreed that one section would surrender to ADMK.

And politically speaking weakened DMK is an asset to -Jayalalitha
ADMK does not have a single enemy in the state of Tamil Nadu.

And that is proved - as Jayalalitha approached the Rajya Sabha elections. 
She has comfortable majority in the state assembly- ADMK could have bagged five seats
out of six. But she let go one for the sake of CPI. And this calculated political gamble
had put the DMK in tight spot. Jayalalitha anticipated that DMK would again try out with Congress

Closely interacted with top leaders of  ADMK, DMK and DMDK and PMK during my ten days visit
to Tamil Nadu- gave me an understanding that negative factors of the ruling ADMK  are not properly
being politically encashed or exploited by major opposition party DMK. 

The power shortage in the state should have created a public outburst. DMK failed to do this.
Needless to say that  timely rains-saved ADMK  

But too calculated moves of Jayalalitha during the peak summer has been - 
to ensure that ADMK sympathisers and her voter bank
is given "daily doses of incentives"  Amma Unavagam- Amma canteen is too popular
Cheap idlies and snacks. She found such gimmicks pay political dividends to ADMK

Exactly after a fortnight of Amma Canteen, Jayalalitha has gone in for providing subsidies
vegetables. And she announced from C N Annadurai birthday September 15 onwards
school going students will get cheaper mineral water bottle for Rs 10.

Having reported Parliament for 30 years- and my specialisation has been question hour.
That has given me immense knowledge on Governance.   What a clarity from
Question Hour a Political correspondent would get-with the articulation of many senior
BJP, Left and some Congress Ministers replies in Lok Sabha and in Rajya Sabha.

But in the state of Tamil Nadu this is missing.  For each and every question
the Chief Minister Jayalalitha replies. There is an absence of participation
and articulation of an issue by other political minds in the ADMK.

And here Jayalalitha of course certainly resembles like Narendra Modi
who also do not permit others to grow taller in their statures.

Such may be the regional aspirational trends in 2014 Lok Sabha polls
And future debates in Parliament.


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May 7,; 2013

Buzz   Political Grapevines
for publication on Wednesday
May 8, 2013


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
President Pranab Mukherjee saved the UPA2 from a major constitutional crisis
In his brief direction to the Government - said that the confusion created by
the advancement of the financial bill - should have been averted. 
Buzz is that President Pranab Mukherjee had to intervene through Speaker Meira Kumar
and  explaned to her the consittuional crisis - Should this not be the task of
Union Law Minister Ashwini Kumar? Why did President Pranab Mukherjee
ask Speaker Meira Kumar to come to Rashtrapathi Bhavan ?
Should not the Department of Legislative Affairs in Law Ministry
on alert?  Or does it mean that Finance Minister P Chidambaram who is
also a legal luminary-to have anticipated such Constitutional Crisis.
Insiders confirm in Union Ministry of Finance that the ADB meeting
in New Delhi created such a confusion and effectively sorted out by
President Pranab Mukherjee
Sharad Pawar in Central Hall on Tuesday was seen introducing his grand children and also
his son in law Sadanand Sule to Prime Minister and also to many of 
the MPs  Dr Manmohan Singh gave a pat on the grand children enquired their 
school and education.  
Central Hall on Tuesday was overflowing with the presence of huge numbers of MPs
Congress, BJP and Left parties have issued three lines whip-not on Food Security Bill
or Land Reforms Bills-but for MPs voting for the election for Finance committees
like PAC-and COPU 
Ashwini Kumar Law Minister was seen escorting Sonia Gandhi from Central Hall
to main gate where Sonia Gandhi was to get into her car. SPG guards did not
allow Ashwini Kumar to get nearer to Sonia Gandhi as they also walked fast
surrounding her. Still Ashwini Kumar managed to speak something, but that
was being closely monitored and overheard by Rajiv Sukhla who also competed
with Ashwini Kumar to walk fast.  But none could beat up the brisk walk
of Sonia Gandhi
BJP MP Yashodhara Scindia created a flutter in Central Hall on Tuesday. She misplaced
Blackberry mobile phone. Began to search the mobile phone below the desks. She 
asked the watch and ward to help her. Walkie Talkie messages were flashed, huge
number of Parliament security rushed to Central Hall. To heckle her more Dr Subramanian
Swamy asked Yashodhara whether she was searching UPA Minsters Bansal and 
Ashwini Kumar?  Finally the high drama ended when a security man found the 
phone and returned to Yashodhara. 
AK Antony spent maximum time in Central Hall on Tuesday a rare scene.
He was seen talking to Kerala Congress MPs . And came Vylar Ravi
both spent talking about the fate of their Ministerial colleagues
Bansal and Ashwini. 
Buzz in Corridors of power is that UPA is wanting to take a political revenge by
exposing scams about BJP Chief Ministers. Alert BJP MPs are now 
busy finding out which agency would UPA2 ask to raid, will it be CBI
or ED or CBDT Income Tax?
Sonia Gandhi walked fast to tap the shoulders of Sushma Swaraj in Central Hall
on Tuesday. Best opportunity for phtograph. But in Central Hall clicking camera
is not permitted. But some enthusiatic MPs videoed on their mobile phones
SPG requested the MPs not to telecast or circulate it, as it is a matter of 
security concern.
Ravi Shankar Prasad Deputy Leader ADMK Leader Dr V Maitreyan and 
and Trinamool Congress leader
on Tuesday gave an affectionate shock to the Chairman Rajya Sabha
by threatening that they would stall the proceedings if the Government
brought Food Bill or Land Reforms Bill.  Dr Maitreyan even threatened
that they will cross the floor to the treasury benches. and "maar peet"  Such was
ki sambhavana hai" -the anger the Opposition had on the Government.
Presence of Lakshmi Parvathy wife of NTR
was a great surprise in Parliament on Tuesday when N T Rama Rao statue was unveiled
by Speaker of Lok Sabha. Chandrababu Naidu and Lakshmi Parvathy did not see
each other. Members of the family of NTR were in full strength.
Buzz in the Central Hall was all about the 300 pages letter by a Supreme Court
Advocate documented about a senior Union Minister addressed to
P J KUrien Chairman of JPC. Attachments were all about the 2G scam.
And how the Union Minsiter helped a private TV channel to amass
wealth. Much more interesting aspect is that these were in public domain
and the petititoner was drubbed as a mentally disabled legal luminary

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Revival plan of Tamil Maanila Congress is ready
a turning point in national politics 

G K Vasan to resign as Union Minister if Prime Minister
participates in Commonwealth Conference in Colombo

By R Rajagopalan

G K Vasan is restless. Congress cadres in Tamil Nadu do not have clue about
Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi plans for Lok Sabha polls.

GK Vasan is therefore revived his plans to launch Tamil Maanila Congress
by submitting his resignation from Dr Manmohan Singh Cabinet- to show solidarity
with the sentiments of Tamils for the attrocities of Sinhala Rajypakshe Government.

GK Vasan did not deny about his plans to quit Ministry, when this correspondent asked 
but said thousands of Congress workers seek AICC intervention either Rahul Gandhi
or Sonia Gandhi should visit Trichy, Tanjore, Tinnelveli and Chennai to estimate
the anger of Congress cadre against AICC

GK Vasan had undertaken eight districts tour in March and April.  Vasan observation
of interacting with not only Congress cadre but also with common voters are that
general perception - a groundswell is against UPA and Congress.  

Reasons for GK Vasan to weild this political threat.
Rahul Gandhi recently suspended Yuraj the elected Youth Congress President 
This Yuraj is the staunch supporter of G K Vasan,

* Sonia Gandhi,Rahul Gandhi or for that matter Prime Minister not giving importance
to Tamil Nadu Congress. Especially to GK Vasan group. 

* GK Vasan group feels that P Chidambaram is being encouraged by AICC and 
ignore Vasan

* growing demand to replace TNCC Chief Ganadesikan, who is also a staunch
supporter of GK Vasan,

*AICC rejects TNCC office bearers list and ignore GK Vasan camp
in the past two years Office bearers not appointed

*GK Vasan  failed to get assurance  from his recent  meetings with
Pranab Mukherjee- Rahul Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh on
getting major role for his group in TNCC. 

*A K Antony,Gulam Nabi Azad,Ahmed Patel and Digvijay SIngh
all know the mind of GK Vasan-but they are helpless and clueless
of Rahul Gandhi mindset about future of Tamil Nadu Congress.

AIADMK is indirectly sending feelers to Vasan camp to split Congress
But Vasan is resisting- 

Congress has  5 MLAs in Tamil Nadu assembly. And four are GK Vasan supporters
There is a political threat- that these four MLAs might vote for Jayalalitha candidate
in the ensuing Rajya Sabha elections in June. And politically these four MLAs
will get protection from ADMK- 

Anger, animosity, distrust amongst Congress cadre- DMK walking out of UPA
added to the political future of Vasan. It is to be seen how Vasan
will win over some of DMK supporters in his camp-to convert themto ADMK.

These are the main reasons for GK Vasan political moves to launh Tamil Maanila Congress

First June Rajya Sabha polls will be a test case- if 4 MLAs vote with Jaya
second in November if Prime Minister attends Colombo CHOGM meet-he will quit
and launch TMC to be in time for facing Lok Sabha polls- 

ADMK is sending feelers for five Lok Sabha seats-and 35 MLAs seat in 2016 assembly polls

If Vasan launched TMC it will certainly be a turning point in national politics