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phone 100 for emergency

30 Nov 2009


From Our Bureau

NEW DELHI: Goa is selected for pilot study on statewide system of dialing '100' from anywhere in the state in emergencies to get quick police, fire and ambulance services respond in real standard response time.

The pilot study also includes citywise system in Srinagar, Guwahati and Chennai to cover varied scenarios under the Home Ministry's project to ultimately make 'DIAL 100' a national emergency management system of future.

It will be a replication of 911, the number for distress calls in the United States. The single number will link police, fire and ambulance services and one can call it from any part of the country.

The project is a brainchild of the Delhi-based Bureau of Police Research and Development. Once one makes a call, a computer-based dispatch system will take over to identify mobile patrol vehicles fitted with GIS (geographical information system) closest to the caller's location to ask them to rush.

One also may not have the bother of going to the police station to lodge an FIR (first information report). Under the project, policemen will reach the spot and register the FIR. There will be also the video recording of activities of all patrol officers on reaching the emergency scene.

The pilot study is to cover all possible emergency situations. While the state-wide study is undertaken only in Goa, Srinagar study will involve a challenge of the mix of plain and hilly areas, remoteness and internal security converging into the sensitive district.

Guwahati has been selected for the pilot study because of its mix of rural and urban localities and vernacular language problems while Chennai has the requisite infrastructure on which the system can be tested in the urban scenario.

Once the pilot studies are completed, a centralised control room will be launched for taking calls at the call centres to be set up in all district and state headquarters, commissonerates and cities. Once a citizen dials '100', the control room will be able to trace the caller with the help o GIS maps and record the details.

In case of the crime-related and fire calls, the patrol vehicles, fitted with the computer-aided system, will receive information about not only the incident for which they are asked to rush but also check into the database to verify antecedent verification before they land up at the spot.



Rajiv Pratap Rudy is now Air bus pilot

30 Nov 2009


By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Former Civil Aviation Minister and BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy, a Rajya Sabha MP from Bihar, is now a qualified pilot to fly the jet airliner Airbus-320.

He intends to take up honorary job in a commercial airline to log in minimum hours of flying required to keep up the Airbus licence he acquired early this month from the United States.

Rudy took a month's leave from political life to undergo the crash course at Miami, Florida in the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved SimCenter for vigorous training that got him the rating from FAA to fly the Airbus 320.

Only commercial pilots are entertained for the accelerated courses and Rudy qualified since he had acquired a commercial pilot's licence (No 5682) two years ago.

Married to Neelam is an air hostess, the 47-year old Rudy has taken part in many flying competitions, but his dream remained to fly Airbus.

He is proud to claim that he was "perhaps the only politician in India who has a licence to fly the Airbus." He says he is not switching profession as "politics is my life" but all the same he concedes that he may join a commercial airline to keep his latest skill honed.

"I may even have to join an airline to keep flying but I will not take any remuneration," he said.


Sunday, November 29, 2009



By Delhi Bureau

Congress is not keen on a discussion on
Justice Librehan report on Babri Majid demolition 
on Tuesday. 

When the Lok Sabha takes up this issue, BJP president
Rajnath Singh is expected to initiate the discussion. 

Second line of leaders and some first time MPs from Congress
are keen to create a situation, by repeated interruptions, and force
the adjournment of the discussion.

Congress does not want the Babri issue discussion in Lok Sabha is bound
to drive the Muslim votes away from Congress. Hence this plan
by Congress.

Senior Congress leaders in private share a secret
in case the Samajwadi Party and BSP vying for retaining
Muslim votes, the focus of these two parties will be only 
on Congress. 

Tuesday December 1,at noon soon after the question hour was over in Lok Sabha


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New Year - AntiNaxal offensive

28 Nov 2009


By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: The much touted anti-Naxalite offensive from any day by the central para military forces in coordination with the state governments ha been quietly put off to January.

And, that too will be limited to only two states of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The strategy for simultaneous operations to isolate the Naxalites and Maoists at the five junctions of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra will be possible only in March.

The Home Ministry officials as also a top officer of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) which is to be involved in the offensive say there are only two COBRA battalions of commandos for fanning out in the jungles to root out the Naxalites and hence the plan has been cut down to Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand for the time being.

Four more COBRA battalions of about 4500 commandos are undergoing training and as such the final assault begins only after they are available for taking on the left ultras, the officials said.

Raman Singh, the national coordinator for the anti-Naxalite offensive and special DG of CRPF, says the action now times in January in two states first and then in other affected states will be based on specific intelligence inputs to ensure the tribals living in the area do not come under crossfire or killed mistakenly.

The Home Ministry sources said the offensive had to be delayed because of the ongoing Assembly elections in Jharkhand tnat will be over only on December 18 and until then the state police forces were not available to join the central forces in launching the drive.

Home Minister P Chidambaram's strict instruction to the security forces going into the anti-Naxalite drive to ensure safety of the tribals and not create situation like Jammu and Kashmir where the locals were antagonised by the forces resulting in the distrust that hangs on for the past 15 years.

The government wants to win back the tribals misled by the Naxalites but their sympathies will be elsewhere if the offensive results in their killings, Chidambaram has stressed, pointing out that the Naxalites and Maoists already have a propaganda mill that will churn out stories of excesses of the forces that are lapped up by the pro-human right media.

"While you should be firm, decisive and unrelenting in dealing with those who indulge in violence, you should show a great degree of sensitivity, patience and maturity to the poor people, specially the tribals," Chidambaram told the CRPF at a function in Kadarpur in Haryana on the occasion of its 70th raising day.

His message to the CRPF forces was to reach out the tribals and the marginalised side by side with the offensive to remove them from the influence of the Naxalites as that alone will encourage them not to protect but hand over the ultras to make the drive successful.

He pointed out that the Naxalites and Maoists had succeeded in brainwashing the innocent tribals through their propaganda machinery that they are the saviours who can protect them against the government's excesses.




28 Nov 2009


From Our Bureau

NEW DELHI: Rajnath Singh, the caretaker President of Bhartiya Janata Party since after completion of his term this week, is trying his best to get the RSS leadership's support to succeed veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani as the leader of Opposition.

The only negative factor in his attempt is RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's declaration that Advani will choose his own successor and in that event the latter has already identified Sushma Swaraj, the deputy leader of the BJP, to succeed him as the leader of Opposition after the current winter session of Parliament is over.

The RSS shooting down Advani's decision to let Sushma Swaraj lead the BJP team in the left-sponsored discussion in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday on the Liberhan Commission's inquiry report on the 1992 Babri Mosque demolition is seen as a moral-booster for Rajnath Singh to explore his chances as the new leader of Opposition.

The post of the leader of Opposition goes to the party in opposition having the highest number of MPs and there is no role of other opposition parties in deciding who gets the post. As such, Rajnath Singh's hopes rest on the RSS forcing the BJP to give him the post as it did this week in snubbing Advani by declaring that he (Rajnath) will lead the Liberhan debate.

Advani's stature will, however, not come down from his resignation as the leader of Opposition as he is most likely to be declared chairman of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the post so far held by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Of course, he will lose the Cabinet minister's status and all paraphernalia that goes with it, including the big ground floor office in the main Parliament House building. He will be shifting to a small room No 4 that is now occupied by Sushma Swaraj and which was carved out five years ago for Vajpayee when Advani became the leader of Opposition.

A loyalist of Advani, Sushma Swaraj may, however, let him continue to occupy the office he has now and she continue to be in the same old room No 4 as next to it is the BJP's parliamentary party office that can be made extension of her office.


Friday, November 27, 2009

delhi corridor gossips



R Rajagopalan
DMK and TDP leaders vying each other to get office
accommodation inside parliaement. When NDA was in power
TDP speaker balayogi got a spacious accommodation in
ground floor for TDP. Presently TDP has five MPs, The space
is also allocated with a formula - ratio of their numerical strength
in Lok Sabha. TDP will get 8ftx4ft room and that too in third floor.
DMK has 16 MPs they will get ground floor but room size would
be 10ftx20ft.
Murmurs and whispers of many Union Ministers-
after the Cabinet meeting and just, when they
walk to the Car Parking,are worth listening.
And if these are  properly pieced together, 
that makes a huge political gossips.
MK Azhagiri and Dayanidhi Maran were walking
towards car parking, one minister joked to Azhagiri
in Tamil that you travel in Ambassador while Maran
takes a 'big ship like Benz" a private car. When Pawar
and Praful Patel walk together, they speak "maximum"
But Ministers like Pranab Mukherjee-AK Antony walk
with an angry face.They will not utter a word
Gossip at the Luncheon table of senior secretaries to Government of India
"Quatar" And why South Block which houses External Affairs and PMO
are too busy to push the agenda of foreign airlines.Why sudden
 increase of 300% of  airseats  between six cities of India and Quatar. 
When we open up this particular sector it is bound to help one
 particular state in India, because of huge passengers travel
 between the two countries.We get more 'gas' at a cheaper 
price. Grapevine is that CVC got a detailed letter from one 
of the senior bureaucrat who just got superannuated. If CVC acts on this
letter, the shall be another Justice Librehan Commission will be announced
such is a demolition of "Airlines Industry"

new delhi corridor gossips - tatter matter gossips


Larger number of RTI quries come to Prime Minister Office.
One such was from Sunil Kumar of Model Town,Delhi
The reply from PMO to following questions was just one line.
This makes good reading.

Since austerity measures have been announced by
the Finance Ministry on August 7,
How many ministers  have sought permission
from the Prime Minister
to travel abroad?

Have any ministers been denied permission to travel abroad?
Have any trips of ministers been cut short by the Prime Minister?
Have any reasons been sited for denying permission
to ministers or for cutting short their proposed tours?

Reply from PMO is just one line
signed by Salil Kumar to Sunil Kumar is

Point Number 1. Response is 42
Point Number 2 Response is Nil
Point Number 3&4 No
A private member's Bill brought by South Goa Congress MP
Francisco Sardinha to regularise bull fights by amending the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 remains hanging
as its discussion got deferred because of adjournment of the
Lok Sabha on Friday on the sugarcane issue agitating the
entire Opposition.

Sardinha, a former Goa Chief Minister, is pursuing the
Bill to help lift the ban on "Dhirio," a traditional bullfight
as part of the monsoon festivities.

A Bill introduced by him in February lapsed with the
dissolution of the last Lok Sabha and as such he
had introduced yet another Bill in the monsoon session.
He was quite enthusiastic over its early listing for
discussion on Friday, but the House adjournment
for the day dashed his hopes to get it passed.
Obituary references are a traditional practice of
remembering sitting and past members before the
start of every Parliament session, but its somberness
was lost in the Lok Sabha on Thursday when the
members, many from the ruling Congress, freely
chatted and laughed.

Those breaking into laughter, loud enough to be
picked up by the sensitive microphone system,
even as Speaker Meira Kumar went on making
lengthy obituary references to the passing away
of nine former members of the House included
even Petroleum Minister Murli Deora.

Most part of 25 minutes of the obituary reference,
Deora kept talking to Pune MP Suresh Kalmadi
and both broke into laughter time and again as if
cracking jokes while a straight-face Minister of State for Coal
 (independent charge) Sriprakash Jaiswal sat
between them focusing on the Speaker's
obituary references.
Eunuchs and transsexuals get an independent identity
 in the electoral rolls as the Election Commission on
Thursday decided to register them in the new category
of "other."

They no longer have to bear the torture of hiding
themselves as different from males and females
and register as either male or female, the only
two categories they have to opt to indicate their sex.

The states' chief electoral officers have been
asked to direct the enumerators to indicate
their sex as "O" if they so desire during the
house-to-house enumeration and verification,
an Election Commission announcement here said.

It said this will also apply to other forms of the
Election Commission in which sex of the voter is written.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is introducing a
new vision of governance to ensure each and every
ministry and department of the Union Government
performs and delivers the pre-defined results.

The cornerstone of this new initiative is introduction
of the Results Framework Documents (RFD) by each
ministry and department that can be used as the
benchmark for judging the performance on a time

They have been asked to submit these documents
latest by the month-end to enable the Cabinet
Secretariat keep track of performance based
on the specifics listed in them.

In a letter sent out to all 85 Secretaries of the
Centre on Monday, Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar
has sought their cooperation for the success of the
Prime Minister's initiative.

tattar pattar of delhi corridor gossips

By R Rajagopalan

Sitaram Yechury CPM leader articulated a theory to
Chairman Rajya Sabha not to have live telecast of the
Rajya Sabha question hour. Various opinions are being
rendered, but final decision will be taken after consulting many
political parties and media organisations. Sitaram yechury 
apprehensions are that the Chair expunges certain remarks
but that is telecast, after that what was the use of removing from
records, when huge viewers had already listened to the "unparliamentary
word"  Best is use to the 'nuclear button" placed on the right side
of the Chairman seat. If he pressed the button the telecast can
be blacked out.
Andhra Pradesh Congress is making efforts 
to get Vijayalakshmi Reddy the wife of Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy
elected unopposed from Pulivendla Assembly Constitutency.
Informal approval from the AICC has been obtained by Andhra
congress leaders to liaise with Opposition parties like TDP and
Left not to field their candidates. On emotional appeal, there
is possibility of her winning. Similar to that PV Narasimha Rao
when he contested TDP NT Rama Rao did not field any candidate
in 1991.
Grievances from the Women mediapersons covering proceedings of Parliament
to Speaker of Lok Sabha and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha were
promptly redressed. To reserve "wash rooms" for women journalists.
Urgent instructions were issued to CPWD to arrange
"special corner rooms" for women mediapersons.
Such a massive structure of Parliament does not have
a reserved wash room for women. Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha
conveyed to Women Media organisation that problem is genuine
Three Union Ministers of state of a key ally of UPA suspect that
their telephone conversations are being monitored by their party
Minister who is holding cabinet status. internal politicking
matters of their party organisational matters be overheard.
when these three junior ministers speak on their mobile
or land line. Smartly these three ministers do not use the
Government phone, provided to them by Parliament, but have
shifted to private phone operators. What will the Cabinet minister
now do is their simple questions.

Climate change

27 Nov 2009


By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh heading for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen will be assisted by a high-level parliamentary team of five MPs to prevent any slip-ups. The conference is slated from December 7 to 18.

Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar took the personal decision to send the team of the MPs drawn from five different parties to Copenhagen to ensure that the Opposition does not later grumble over any sale-out by the government.

Former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, who is also a scientist, and Dr M S Swaminathan, a renowned agriculture scientist, are in the team. The left also has the representation as CPI(M)'s Sitaram Yechuri, a member of the party's most powerful politbureau, in included in the team.

Bhartruhari Mahtab of Biju Janata Dal and Congress Party's Hameedulla Sayeed, son of former deputy speaker late P M Sayeed, are the other two members of the parliamentary delegation.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BJP breathes easy after Librehan report

24 Nov 2009


By Jal Khambata/R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: A day after the 17-year old Ayodhya's Babri Mosque demolition inquiry report's leakage gripped the nation's attention once again, the government on Tuesday came out with an anti-climax of taking action against nobody, making the BJP leaders, including Lal Krishna Advani, facing indictment breathe easy.

The mandatory 'Action Taken Report' (ATR) tabled in Parliament with the probe report of Justice Manmohan Singh Inquiry Commission turns out to be a damp quib as it specifically says "no action" against those indicted since the demolition cases are already pending in two special courts at Lucknow and Rae Bareli.

The only assurance that came forth in the 13-page ATR is to take steps to expedite hearing of these cases: Against eight in the Rae Bareli court and against "unknown karsewaks" and 47 other cases pending in the Lucknow court.

Steering clear of action against 68 BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders indicted
by the Commission for creating the communal euphoria that led to the breaking down of the historic mosque on December 6, 1992, the ATR concentrates only on the academic issues raised in the Commission's bulky report.

The ATR makes absolutely no reference to the indictment of top BJP leaders, including Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Kalyan Singh and leaders of various Sangh Parivar outfits figuring in the probe report. The alleged indictment of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee that provoked the BJP on Monday also could not be confirmed as probe report mounted on the Home Ministry's website remained inaccessible throughout the day.

MIDNIGHT OIL: The Home Ministry sources said Home Minister P Chidambaram, a senior advocate by profession, worked whole night personally drafting the ATR, lest hand over of the probe report to others for the job risks more leaks causing more embarrassment.

The draft was dittoed by the Union Cabinet at its emergency meeting in the morning under chairmanship of the seniormost Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, though Law Minister M Veerappa Moily told reporters later that the ATR is only a "hurried document" and expect more action after the comprehensive study of the Commission's findings.

Copies of the bulky report of more than 900 pages could not be made overnight nor could it be translated into Hindi, a statutory requirement, and as such the MPs were provided just the ATR that refers to the recommendations on which the government agreed, disagreed or noted.

The MPs were told to download the English version of the report (Libcomm.pdf) from the Home Ministry's website that became so slow from so many trying to get it first that it became well-neigh impossible to have it to check it with what all has leaked from it in the last two days.

DEBATE ON DEC 1: The Lok Sabha will be discussing the Liberhan Commission's report only after a week on December 1, and that will give the members enough time to download and study it.

The leaks, it is now learnt, were masterminded by the dirty tricks department of the Congress to put the BJP on defence and break the unity it has managed with other opposition parties. Those in the department, however, lied low on Tuesday and did not fault Chidambaram for hoisting no names in the ATR as Sonia Gandhi had expressed displeasure in a meeting with the senior Congress leaders over the ruling party's acts and omissions giving handle to the BJP to keep Parliament paralysed for the first three days of the winter session.

BACK IN BUSINESS: There were adjournments of both the Houses on Tuesday as well on the Liberhan Commission report and other issues, but the second half saw them getting down to business. The Rajya Sabha saw an ugly fracas when Samajwadi General Secretary Amar Singh objecting to the BJP members raising "Jai Shriram" slogans led to a virtual physical fight, though both sides apologised later when the House re-assembled and ended bad blood.

The BJP was not expecting the government to yield so fast on the same lines on which it reversed a controversial sugarcane price order on Saturday under the Opposition's pressure.

Finding the issue on which it had forced adjournment of both the Houses vanishing with the Liberhan report tabled, the BJP was in the blind at the prospects of the Lok Sabha discussing the price rise listed to be taken up from 4 pm.

Its deputy leader Sushma Swaraj suggested the discussion be taken up on Wednesday on the excuse that importance of the issue affecting everybody will be lost if discussed and disposed off late in the evening. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Bansal suggested its postponement to Thursday and the agreement reached to start the debate immediately after the question hour. The House thus got time to discuss and pass two Bills on the agenda.

Most of the recommendations of the Commission on which the government ha reacted in the ATR were general in nature regarding politics and religion, role of civil services and intelligence agencies, separate riot control police, and Centre-state relations.

SPECIFIC ON BABRI: The only one with specific Babri Mosque controversy recommended the government set up a statutory national commission of acknowledged experts to delve into questions of the provenance of historical monuments, artifacts, etc. for "definite and final determination."

The government, however, rejected the recommendation on the ground that this role is already played by the Archeological Survey of India and it would suffice to strengthen its functions as also associate the finest historians, anthropologists and archaeologists from within and outside the country as recommended by Justice Liberhan.

In his report, the retired Supreme Court judge has stressed the disputes over the provenance of monuments, temples or other structures like the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid issue cannot be resolved without the help of experts.

"The question whether a structure was a temple or a mosque can only be answered by a scientific study by archeologists, historians and anthropologists. No politician, jurist or journalist, learned though they may be, can provide a comprehensive answer to such questions and any attempt to hijack the issue can only result in the chaotic consequences which resulted in the events of December 6, 1992," the Commission report said. The government agreed with this contention but not on setting up a separate commission to settle such disputes.

The Commission wanted politicians not to hold offices in religious organisations, charities and trusts constituted on religious grounds, specially those holding constitutional offices, cabinet positions or other similar responsibilities.

The government accepted in part with modifications, stating that it agrees that "political leaders, etc. holding public office should not simultaneously hold positions of responsibility in religious organisations." 

The Commission wanted a law for exemplary punishment for misuse of religion or caste to acquire political power. It also sought regional tribunals for swift implementation of the law. The government flaunted its Communal Violence (Prevention, control and rehabilitation of victims) Bill, saying it also contemplates special courts to deal with the violators.


Friday, November 20, 2009




By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is introducing a new vision of governance to ensure each and every ministry and department of the Union Government performs and delivers the pre-defined results.

The cornerstone of this new initiative is introduction of the Results Framework Documents (RFD) by each ministry and department that can be used as the benchmark for judging the performance on a time scale.

They have been asked to submit these documents latest by the month-end to enable the Cabinet Secretariat keep track of performance based on the specifics listed in them.

In a letter sent out to all 85 Secretaries of the Centre on Monday, Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar has sought their cooperation for the success of the Prime Minister's initiative,

The letter says the Performance and Monitoring and Evaluation System approved by the Prime Minister is an importance initiative of the Government.

"It has the potential to fundamentally change the way we operate in the Government. It seeks to create a  vision-driven Government that is focused on results, the Cabinet Secretary stressed.

Pointing out that the Results Framework Documents (RFD) for individual department are the cornerstone of this initiative, he asked the secretaries to ensure that these documents are prepared earnestly under their guidance.

"Please ensure that the final draft of your department's RFD duly approved by the Minister is submitted to the Performance Management Division Cabinet
Secretariat by 5 pm on November 30," the letter added.

The letter follows a 2-day workshop on RFDs organised by the Cabinet Secretariat to apprise all senior bureaucrats about the requirements to be met in these documents.


Thursday, November 19, 2009



UPA II faces first political crisis.


By R Rajagopalan

UPA II has faced first ever political crisis on sugarcane prices
bringing entire opposition on one side.

On Thursday the entire Government machinery came to crisis
mode. Five  top Ministers  Pranab, Moily, Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar
and AK Antony were summoned to 7 RCR.

Literarily the Ministers had swollen faces, reflecting their
crisis mindset.

Many options were worked out between 1100 hours and 1600 hours.
Just before Union Cabinet meet a decision was arrived
that was a political one to convene an all party meet
on Monday.

But PM would not be in India, leaving entirely to
Pranab Mukherjee.

Options were many, but it was zeroed down to three
basically to save the face of Sharad Pawar.

How to save the situation- Sharad Pawar should not get 
into the crisis. If Opposition blames it on Pawar, Govt
should now save him is the view of two senior ministers

Not withdraw the Ordinance on Sugar 
But withdraw the Order by Food Ministry
signed by Joint Secretary Sanyal.

Break the Opposition unity.

================earlier story====================




UPA II is currently considering the withdrawal
of the sugarcane ordinance, if the speculation
in Krishi Bhavan is to be believed.

UPA II Ministers were seen in grim faces on the
opening day of Parliament, with the TV news channels
releasing the screaming stories on the Ajit Singh
sponsored "Parliament gherao by Kisans"

Sources in Krishi Bhavan confirmed that
Food Secretary and her entire team in Sugar directorate
are in jittery over flurry of meetings.

Since it is a political decision, we cannot speak
on the issue, especially when Parliament is in 
session said a senior Secretary to Government of india.
How did the Committee of Secretaries 
and Law officers approve the Sugar cane
Ordinance of October 22

Blame game has begun among the bureaucrats

Food Secretary Alka Sirohi has come under severe criticism
for having taken up the issue of Ordinance.
Why such agiatation was not held in UPA I,
senior officials speak on condition that the
crisis was handled by the then Food Secretary
T Nandkumar avoided the break down.
But Alka Sirohi mishandled the ordinance
say a senior official of the cabinet secretariat.

The Essential Commodities(Amendment and Validation) Ordinance, 2009

Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & PD
Department of Food & Public Distribution
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated: 31st October, 2009
The Chief Secretary,
Sugar Producing States,
(List Attached).
Subject:      Fixation of ‘fair and remunerative price’ payable by Sugar Mills for 2009-10 sugar season regarding.
I am directed to inform that the Government of India has fixed the ‘fair and remunerative price’ (F&RP) of sugarcane payable by sugar mills for 2009-10 sugar season at Rs.129.84 per quintal linked to a basic recovery rate of 9.5% subject to a premium of Rs.1.37 per quintal for every 0.1 percentage point increase in recovery above that level.
It is requested that this decision may please be given wide publicity by your Department.
Yours faithfully,
( N. Sanyal )
Joint Secretary to the Government of India
Tel.No.011-2338 2512

Saturday, November 14, 2009

eunuchs get separate cateogry in electoral rolls

12 Nov 2009


From Our Bureau

NEW DELHI: Eunuchs and transsexuals get an independent identity in the electoral rolls as the Election Commission on Thursday decided to register them in the new category of "other."

They no longer have to bear the torture of hiding themselves as different from males and females and register as either male or female, the only two categories they have to opt to indicate their sex.

The states' chief electoral officers have been asked to direct the enumerators to indicate their sex as "O" if they so desire during the house-to-house enumeration and verification, an Election Commission announcement here said.

It said this will also apply to other forms of the Election Commission in which sex of the voter is written.

"In the electoral rolls prepared by the Election Commission of India, the eunuchs were hitherto registered either as male or as female, on the basis of the statement made by the person concerned. This practice was being followed so far for indicating the sex of the eunuchs in the electoral roll," it said.

The commission said it had been receiving representations from various individuals and interest groups to include the eunuchs in the electoral rolls with an independent identity.

"The commission has duly considered the request and has decided to allow eunuchs/ transsexuals to indicate their sex as 'Other' where they do not want to be described as male or female," it added.




13 Nov 2009


From Our Bureau

NEW DELHI: Maharashtra BJP president Nitin Gadkari had the first taste of the media management by Delhi leaders, with reports in both print and electronic media linking up his visit to the BJP headquarters here on Thursday with staking claim to succeed Rajnath Singh as the new national BJP president.

In the presence of a group of Media persons who drop in the headquarters at 3 pm daily for regular or informal briefings, an aide of a top BJP leader called up Gadkari on his mobile to know when he is coming to the party office and told him that General Secretary (Organisation) Ramlal was in the office.

Tipping off the media thus, the aide vanished from the headquarters even as Gadkari drove in. He told all that he was there only to give a report to the general secretary on the Maharashtra Assembly elections and that he was not here to explore his chances to become the party president.

He even insisted that he was not aware of any move so far to make him President but he was a foot soldier of the party and would take up whatever responsibility is given. He said he had never been in any race when asked if he tops those in the race for the post.

Nobody from the media department of the party, forget the spokesmen, was available either on Thursday or Friday to comment on Gadkari's visit to Delhi on the heels of the media speculation about he being the front-runner as a candidate of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. A functionary available in the headquarters said he can only say that no final decision has been taken as yet.

Gadkari's brief interaction with the Media waiting for him to come out of the general secretary's chamber was enough to show him arriving in the capital to have a grip of the new responsibility he was to be bestowed as the BJP President in January.

Little did he know the intrigues played by the party leaders in the headquarters to plant stories against each others in the media even at the cost of such manipulations hurting the party's interests.

All four senior party leaders who were ruled out by the RSS chief to become the new BJP President are already unhappy and have already met the BJP's veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani to express their anguish.

It suits each one of them to show Gadkari throwing his hat in the race as such act in not liked in the RSS as also in the BJP that believes in selection of the leader instead of someone trying to stake the claim.

The 52-year old Gadkari is certainly in the reckoning but his prospects are set to be dimmed if he is seen as entering the so-called race. All reports speculating on his name also refer to poor show of the party in the Assembly elections putting a question mark on him to lead the party at the national level when he failed at the state level. That shows someone from within the party in Delhi briefing the gullible reporters.

The RSS sources, in the meanwhile, clarified that Bhagwat had not named the four Delhi-based leaders as not being considered for the party president's post. The names were dropped by Prabhu Chawla of India Today in the course of the interview and the RSS chief just said none of them was being considered by the party, the sources said.

They added that at no time the RSS chief has spoken about recommending the name of Nitin Gadkari and as such it is all speculation of the Media trying to guess who can be the new president who qualifies to be in his 50s and who can run the party on the RSS lines.



new delhi political gossips


Sharad Yadav leader of JD(U) recently recovered from the dengue.
Now his wife is inflicted with the fever. Doctors say the breeding
of mosquitoes is from the pure drinking water especially
the Thuqlak Road and Lodhi Colony. Each day now in
the early hours, drinking water to these localities is
with the medicine. All thanks to VVIPs getting dengue.
comment officers of civic authorities
President Prathibhha Patil shall be in Rashtrapathi Nilayam
in the second half of December in Hyderabad to
escape  severe Delhi winter. She is also believed to 
take religious books to read and programmed to go
for pilgrimage to some well known temples in South India.
A mini President Secretariat is now being established in
A top cop recently wrote to PMO about drive of a Union Minister
without escort or personal security officer. It is for the record purposes
marked 'top secret'. Reason for claiming secrecy of the Report is to
escape the RTI activists. An intelligence move by top cop.
Fertiliser Minister MK Azhagiri was on a five days foreign visit
to Indonesia and other two countries. Two senior officials of the 
Ministry accompanied him Azhagiri  made three speeches at 
functions which received lots of appreciations and applause.
The speech was so brief that he was able to read it out.

new delhi political gossips


A senior IB officer who went to Washington to examine
FBI detenue David Coleman Headley is a Secretary rank IPS officer
he took his wife with him, as his daughter is studying in USA.
Spouse will return later after spending time with the daughter.
Executive class passenger is entitled to take his spouse.
This is called austerity measure not for Government but 
for the IPS officer. Seniors in IB laugh at this attitude,
High time, the officer is reverted to cadre for this misbehaviour
say a source in Cabinet Secretariat.
Dayanidhi Maran Union Minister of Textiles in the Union Cabinet
had opposed Ambica Sonia Union Minister of Information Broadcasting
agenda paper introduce the HITS   (Headend-in-the-Sky)
system for multi-system operators to distribute television 
broadcast signals.His arguements were rejected by Prime Minister
But two Union Ministers from Tamil Nadu murmured that Dayanidhi
Maran objections about the conflict of interest
Resigned from BJP and also from Rajya Sabha on a Mukhurt, 
after saying  goodbye to LK Advani, but on a very bad and
inauspicious time that S Thirunavkkarasar joined Congress
It was Ashtami. One Congress Union Minister from Tamil Nadu
was eager that Thirunaukkarasar joined Congress when the other
Union Minister from Tamil Nadu was not present in New Delhi.
It is an internal war in Tamil nadu congress Committee which
came to the fore in New Delhi. 
A senior Union Minister expressed his reservation about
another senior colleague commenting in public
on the functioning and decisions ..  Prime Minister heard
the remarks. Since both Ministeras belonged Congress, 
understandably the silence. Hint was dropped that
Core Committee was being briefed about this 'complaint'

venkaiah naidu pulls up top bureaucrats

Adjourned the standing committee meet 


By R Rajagopalan

M Venkaiah Naidu the senior BJP leader on Friday shot off
a strongly worded communication to Chairman Rajya Sabha
Hameed Ansari  complainig against Foreign
Secretary Nirupama Rao, Commerce Secretary Rahul Kullar
and top intelligence officials abstaining from Standing Committee
meeting of Home Ministry. Today's meeting was to have discussed
clause by clause a bill on Land and Port Authority.

Venkaiah Naidu was upset when he learnt that the Foreign Secretary
Nirupama Rao was deputing a joint secretary to reply to the question
by the Members about the bill. She was present in Delhi and avoided 
appearance. similarly commerce secretary Rahul Khullar. He is unwell
but deputed a joint secretary. Naidu understood that Rahul Khullar
being unwell, was in office. such attitude towards the parliament
committees were to be taken seriously, and these officers to be
admonished for their casual treatment towards committees.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Andhra a threat of a financial emergency -?

17 Jan 2009


 Dr Montek SIngh Ahluwalia to Prime Minister
Dr Manmohan Singh, as a visual to my special scoop story.


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi



By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy may be
in trouble for alleged land deals worth Rs 12,000 crores made to
benefit the arrested Satyam boss Ramalinga Raju, under the guise of
raising funds for a jacked-up annual plan of the state.

He was summoned to Delhi on Saturday as the Congress leadership is
worried about his Satyam connection creating problems for the party in
the upcoming Parliamentary and Assembly elections.

Vaartha is in possession of a three pages note by Dr Montek SIngh
Ahluwalia to Dr Manmohan Singh exposes the mindset of Dr YSR
on land issues.
Eyebrows were raised in the Planning Commission last April when Dr
Reddy secured clearance of the annual plan of the state for 2008-09
with a hike of 47 per cent from Rs 30,000 crores in 2007-08 to Rs
47,000, claiming to raise Rs 12,000 crores from the sale of land.

Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia had his own
misgivings on why and how the chief minister can raise so much money
by selling the government land but cleared the hiked up annual plan
that was promise to be funded by 32 per cent increase in the state's
tax revenue.

He, however, put on record his doubts in a 3-page communication to the
Prime Minister on April 23, 2008, a copy of which is available with
this writer, that "prospects of mobilising such a large amount from
sale of land appear somewhat uncertain."

Ahluwalia also noted that the chief minister claimed that the state
had already succeeded in raising Rs 6586 crores from the land sale in
2007-08 and hence it should not be difficult for the state to get
money from further land sale to fund the plan.

Little did Ahluwalia know at that time that his lurking suspicion
about the land deal would one day turn out to be a major scam. Only
after the Satyam fraud broke out that the inquiries were made to find
that the chief minister was making the deal was for enrichment of
Ramalinga Raju who had floated Maytas for undertaking massive
construction projects.

The land deal details are believed to have reached the Congress
President who on Saturday summoned Dr Rajasekhara Reddy to Delhi,
ostensibly to discuss preparations for the ensuing Parliament and
State Assembly elections, but actually to discuss the Satyam issue
that may dog the Congress.

Sources in 10 Janpath say the Congress President's worry is that the
Chief Minister may be soft to Ramalinga Raju because of their
friendship and the deals they have struck. They said she has asked for
Dr Reddy in Delhi to give her mind and make it clear to him that the
state government must act fast before the Satyam episode erodes
credibility of the Congress.

They said there would certainly be discussions on the political
situation as well as the Congress leadership is worried about the
Telengana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) aligning with Telugu Desam Party (TDP)
on the Telenana issue.

There are 17 Lok Sabha seats that fall in the Telengana region and
over 100 Assembly seats and as such Sonia Gandhi will have to press
the Centre for some concrete announcement or decision on Telengana
that stops the TDP-TRS combine in its tracks. She will be discussing
the issue and niceties of the decision with the chief minister, the
sources added.


Ram Jethmalani is now ?Editor of Magazine on Swiss Bank money

ram jethmalani - now editor and not advocate

Mr Ram Jethmalani cordially invites you to meet him for a chat over a cup of tea at 4pm at his residence 2 Akbar Road on Saturday 7th November 2009.He believes that the most urgent national problem is the problem of corruption which has made elimination of poverty almost impossible. While finding no fault with the press, he believes that a strong newspaper is essential whose main pre-occupation should be the pursuit of the corrupt and unearthing black wealth concealed inside India and outside in foreign banks and tax havens.It is in pursuit of this objective that he and a few respectable citizens approached the Supreme Court to seek judicial help in this cause. Unfortunately court procedures, congested calendars and apathy of the government in power have made it difficult to secure quick results. The solution is approach to the Court of The People of India.Mr Jethmalani has therefore enlisted the help of Baba Ram Dev Ji whose interest in this matter is not only genuine but extremely deep. With his co-operation and blessing this should become a mass movement of the suffering people of India.Mr Jethmalani has decided also to start a Sunday paper which will have the same mission. This meeting hopefully will revive the interest of the press in this somewhat forgotten matter. He would be delighted to meet you, have a chat with you and seek your advice and co-operation.


Ram Jethmalani

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Union Cabinet shuffle on November 10?

5 Nov 2009


NEW DELHI: With the Maharashtra government's formation and Jharkhand poll alliance with former BJP leader Babulal Marandi's Vikas Morcha off her chest, Congress President Sonia Gandhi is likely to broach many pending issues, including the Union Cabinet reshuffle, at the party's core group meeting here Friday at the PM's residence.

The cabinet reshuffle that may see induction of the MP son Jagan of former Andhra chief minister YSR Reddy killed in a helicopter mishap is expected on or around November 10.

Other issues on the agenda of the core group include the AICC reshuffle to fill vacancies of many joining ministry, appointment of three governors and selection of six for the Presidential nomination to the Rajya Sabha. Also in the list is two Anglo Indians' nomination to the Lok Sabha.

The party sources said Sonia Gandhi wanted to thrash out all these issues by consulting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other senior leaders like Pranab Mukherjee, P Chidambaram, A K Antony and Ahmed Patel, but they were held up so far because of other pressing issues like hiccups in the deal with the NCP on ministerial berths in the new Maharashtra Government.

The Maharashtra tangle was sorted out following NCP general secretary Praful Patel holding one-to-one talks with Sonia's political secretary Ahmed Patel and agree on the Congress have 22 ministers and the NCP 20. Both also thrashed out the ticklish issue of key portfolios, facilitating Chief Minister-designate Ashok Chavan approaching the governor for the oath-taking ceremony on Friday.

Chavan flew into Delhi Thursday evening to discuss names of the Congress ministers to be inducted with Sonia Gandhi, who directed him to consult Ahmed Patel and Maharashtra affairs incharge Antony, the defence minister, and decide.

The party sources said Sonia Gandhi has also summoned Andhra Chief Minister Konijeti (76) here on Saturday to discuss the party affairs in the state that were kept pending all these weeks because of a section of the party MLAs and MPs fiercely lobbying for Jagan Reddy to become the CM as the successor to his father killed in the helicopter crash.

Rosaiah, who will be making the first trip to Delhi since after taking over as the CM after YSR's death, would be sounded on some of the issues that Jagan is worried not to be resolved since his father is no more to handle them, the sources said, adding that he has been also told to have a meeting with the Prime Minister on the issues of Andhra Pradesh pending with the Centre.



verbatim of Interview of RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat to India Today

headline:   The new BJP leader will be from outside Delhi”
At a time when the bjp is going through its worst existential crisis, the man with the walrus moustache and a mischievous glint in his eyes has become the most sought-after oracle in town. Mohanrao Bhagwat, the 59-year-old boss of the rss, plays the role to perfection, and every word of his continues to be worthy of Page 1 nowadays. The media savvy Bhagwat’s ascension as the head of the House of Saffron has marked a generational as well as cultural shift in the organisation. He is the moderniser, the 21st century face of the rss. As the bjp seems to have abandoned its core ideology for the sake of coalition politics, Bhagwat has brought Hindutva back to the national agenda. As the bjp suffers from the absence of a leader who can take the party out of the wreckage of defeat, the sixth sarsanghchalak has become the supreme guide and the wise counsellor. As the party retreats from the national mindspace, he styles himself as the last apostle of the nationalist cause. As its ambitious but discredited leaders struggle for the spoils of a lost war, he tells them: behave or be damned. Still, the Brahmin bachelor from Chandrapur in Maharashtra finds time to read the new Dan Brown. Like the symbologist hero in The Lost Symbol, Bhagwat too has to think smart and act fast to save the Parivar he heads. In a candid conversation with Editor prabhu chawla for the Seedhi Baat show on Aaj Tak channel at the rss office in Jhandewalan in Delhi, Bhagwat talks about subjects ranging from the future leadership of the bjp to Vande Mataram, from Chidambaram to Modi, from Pakistan to China—and more. Excerpts.  
Q. What do you think about the Deoband reaction against Vande Mataram?
A. Vande Mataram is for all Indians. It was part of our freedom movement and history. There was a time when both Hindus and Muslims sang it.
Q. The Muslims say it is against their religion.
A. I don’t think any religion is against desh bhakti. To say Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram is not like a religious puja or idol worship.
Q. What is the Sangh’s view?
A. (Thumps the table) Vande Mataram kehna hoga (Everyone in India will have to say Vande Mataram).
Q. Do you think the minorities felt threatened after the Masjid fell?
A. I would say that the wishes of the Hindu samaj were ignored by the government. The anger against the system was taken out on the structure.
Q. But your strong take on the Babri Masjid, the Uniform Civil Code and Article 370 makes minorities
A. Just tell me why is there no
rational dialogue regarding such matters. For 90 years there has been no court judgement (on the Ram Mandir). And when nothing happens, the average man loses his balance.
Q. V.P. Singh had a formula to build both mandir and masjid at Ayodhya. As a responsible organisation why don’t you show some magnanimity?
A. This will not create unity. If a Ram Mandir is built peacefully, it will end Hindu-Muslim fighting. A mosque can’t be constructed at the same site. Let them construct another mosque at some other place and the Hindus will extend all possible help.
Q. The Congress apologised for the anti-Sikh riots and Advani said the demolition was a national shame.
A. The Sangh did not say “demolish the structure” but the court’s delay on the verdict angered the people.
Q. Do you agree with Advani that it was a national shame?
A. I don’t agree with Advani on this issue. Why didn’t they give legal permission for kar seva when so many people had collected for it?
Q. Why is the Sangh unwilling to do something which makes minorities feel safe? Whatever happened in Gujarat also added to the gap between the Sangh and the minorities.
A. Violence is wrong wherever it happens. Don’t just look at one side. What happened in Godhra should not have happened. No one talks about the killings at Godhra.
Q. Should Narendra Modi apologise for the Gujarat carnage?
A. He is the head of a state, he has full knowledge of what happened and is capable of giving his reaction. If he thinks that something that needs an apology has taken place, then he will apologise. I am sure. I have also been told the speed with which the riots in Gujarat were controlled is commendable. Why should he apologise if he has done no wrong? That is not the way.
Q. Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh were not responsible for the 1984 riots but have apologised. It increases their stature. If Modi or the rss do the same, they will stand to gain.
A. At that time there was a comment, ‘When a big tree falls, some things are bound to happen.’ No such statement was made in Gujarat.
Q. Does it mean the rss will never compromise on its core issues?
A. India’s unity and integrity is non-negotiable. So is the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and a Uniform Civil Code.
Q. If I understand correctly, you still believe in Akhand Bharat and not in the two-nation theory.
A. It is all part of India. Pakistan is transitory and will become part of India sooner or later.
Q. What about Afghanistan?
A. Pakistan and Afghanistan are a part of us and will return one day.
Q. You claim that the rss has no direct control over the bjp. But it sent 35 pracharaks to the bjp and they report to you.
A. It is not compulsory that they report to us. We only want them to stick to their principles. We don’t interfere in their work.
Q. There have been reports of rss  pressure on the bjp, that Vasundhara Raje was removed because of pressure from the rss.
A. The rss had nothing to do with it. This is an internal matter of the bjp.
Q. Four months ago you talked about a change in the bjp leadership. The bjp lost three state elections and no change seems forthcoming.
A. Change will happen but at its own time. I only said what I have been told (by the bjp), they have a plan in mind and it is rolling on.
Q. There is a strong feeling that the rss is intervening and imposing
itself on the bjp.
aA. The rss never intervenes, only gives advice when asked. 
Q. But you have said that the new leadership will be someone other than these four (Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu and Ananth Kumar).
A. Yes the new leadership will be someone other than these four. This is what I have been told. That is what has been agreed on and I believe the process has begun.
Q. You will get someone from
outside Delhi between 50 and 55 years of age?
A. They will get someone from outside Delhi.
Q. In the last five-six years, several people who are media creations with no affiliation to the Sangh have come into prominence in the bjp. Has this lead to a dilution in ideology?
A. The Sangh is not against anyone, we don’t look at anyone whether he is a swayamsevak or not.
Q. Are you worried about an image of corruption amongst the swayamsevaks who have joined
the bjp?
A. Politics is a slippery ground but still we don’t want to see one of our swayamsevaks slipping. We talk to them but it is up to the bjp to take action against them.
Q. The bjp is a visible face of the Sangh Parivar. Are you worried when you send workers to the party? They also get affected by the personality cult and the individual becomes more important than the organisation.
A. Yes we are worried and we do talk to them about it.
Q. Would you prefer that the party is led by someone who believes in the rss ideology?
A. Who will lead the party is something they will decide. What we want is someone who articulates our ideology, believes in teamwork, encourages the younger generation and the difference in ‘a party with a difference’ should be visible to all.
Q. There are some outfits that are not part of the Sangh, yet there is a perception that they belong—like the Sri Ram Sene of Karnataka... Pragya Thakur. Why don’t you disassociate the rss from them?
A. I have already said that I have nothing to do with the Sri Ram Sene. There is no such thing as Hindu terrorism. No Hindu will support terrorism.
Q. Yet you supported Pragya Thakur.
A. No, all we said is that don’t do a media trial. Let the courts decide.
Q. I saw a recent statement by the Sangh saying that P. Chidambaram is doing good work.
A. He is saying a lot of good things, but if he delivers on these, we will definitely praise him.
Q. Are we soft on China?
A. I have my doubts if the Government is alert on China. It has a well-defined strategy of encircling India. China has surrounded us by wooing our neighbouring countries from Maldives to Pakistan. We have to liberate our neighbours from the clutches of China.
Q. Have the Chinese defeated us at diplomacy?
A. Overtaken, not defeated. We can still do something.
Q. Regarding Pakistan, the bjp seems confused. What is the rss view?
A. Pakistan exists on the premise of being anti-India. Pakistan needs to be given a decisive reply for all its mischievous actions, we need another  military victory over Pakistan. That is perhaps the only way by which we can prevent a 26/11 and terror attacks.
Q. Have we lost an opportunity to score a military victory?
A. When Parliament was attacked and then after 26/11. Our government failed us then. We lacked the will.
Q. Do you agree that a strong and stable Pakistan is good for India?
A. If Pakistan is mentally healthy and gives up anti-India sentiments only then it’s good for India. n