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29 April 2011


From Our Delhi Bureau

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurates on Saturday the new Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) headquarter in an 11-storeyed building, built with toughened class all around at the CGO (central govt offices) Complex here

The Rs 186-crore imposing building that brings together all Delhi offices of the CBI under one roof has a large 500-seater cafeteria, separate gyms for men and women, a tarrace garden, efficient power backup, the most modern fire fighting system and basement parking for some 470 vehicles.

It also has a well-designed Press briefing room and a media lounge as also a gallery showcasing history and landmark achievements of the investigating agency.

The building, constructed in a record time of three years by the NBCC with a distinctive architecture, is designed to promote functional efficiency and team work, with separate floor to each branch and ‘open offices’ fitted with smart modular work-stations to maximize natural light in the building. 

Every floor has separate interrogation rooms, lock-ups, dormitories and conference halls while the CBI will have a modern communication system and advanced system to maintain records with computerised access, with a provision made for the add-on facilities for new technology, a CBI spokesman said.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


admk complains to EC about DMK Govt destroying policy files

1.   Dr. S.Y. Quraishi,
Chief Election Commissioner.
2.   Mr. V.S. Sampath,
Election Commissioner.
3. Mr. H.S. Brahma,
Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India,
Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road,
New Delhi-110001.
4. Mr. Praveen Kumar, I.A.S.,
Chief Electoral Officer,
Public (Elections) Department,
Chennai-600 009.


Sub: Shifting – Deferring of the Shifting of the existing Government Departments functioning in the Secretariat Building at Fort St. George - Requested.  
-- -- -- --
We wish to bring to the notice of the Election Commission of India the blatant violation of the Model Code of Conduct by the caretaker DMK Government with regard to the shifting of the existing Government Departments functioning in the Secretariat building at Fort St. George, Chennai - 600 009.
It is reliably understood that the present caretaker DMK Government is attempting to carry out the destruction of the existing important files in the Secretariat Building at Fort St. George in a hasty manner under the guise of shifting the existing Government Departments to the new Secretariat building.  This has to be prevented by the Election Commission of India as the office of the Chief Electoral Officer itself is functioning at Fort St. George, Chennai - 600 009.
We wish to state that there are several limitations in the functioning of the caretaker Government which can only carry on the day-to-day administration pertaining to maintenance of law and order, payment of salaries to Government Servants, etc., and they should not make any decisions which are not necessary except for the purpose of carrying on the administration. As such, the caretaker Government functioning now cannot take any major policy decision which includes shifting of the Departments functioning in the existing Secretariat which will be the prerogative of the Government that is to be formed after the announcement of results of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly General elections.
Moreover, the State Government has no authority to deal with the premises of the Secretariat building functioning at Fort St. George as the said land is owned by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.  The caretaker Government more particularly cannot in any manner deal with the Departments functioning in the existing Secretariat at Fort St. George when the Model Code of Conduct is in force.
Under these circumstances, we request the Election Commission of India to issue appropriate instructions to defer all proceedings pertaining to the shifting of the existing Government Departments functioning in the Secretariat building at Fort St. George when the Model Code of Conduct is in force.
We also request the Election Commission of India to take necessary action to prevent the destruction of files under the guise of shifting of the Government Departments and ensure that no transportation of files takes place from the Secretariat Building at Fort St. George.
We further request the Election Commission of India to deploy Central Police Forces at the Secretariat Building, Fort St. George in order to ensure that important Government files are protected in the public interest.
Yours faithfully,

(O. Panneerselvam)
Party Treasurer, Former Minister. (K.A. Sengottaiyan)
Party Headquarters Secretary,
Former Minister. (D. Jayakumar)
North Chennai District Party Secretary.
Former Minister. (P.H. Manoj Pandian)
Party Advocates’ Wing Secretary

Six DMK MInisters to resign on Monday?


By R Rajagopalan

Six Union Ministers of DMK shall resign from the Union Cabinet
on Monday as a protest against CBI charge sheet accusing daughter 
and wife of their leader Karunanidhi in 2G scam.

A senior functionary of DMK has telephoned to six Union Ministers
MK Alagiri, Dayanidhi Maran, S S Palanimanickam, Napolean,
Jagathrakshakan and Gandhi selvan  to reach DMK headquarters 
on Monday for a discussion. 

Speculation is ripe that ailing  DMK chief Karunanidhi wants to take a 
logical decision however, DMK is waiting for CBI charge sheet to be 
filed in the CBI court on Monday. ,Till such time DMK will wait and 
watch for charge sheet to be made public.

As a corollary DMK also is planning to withdraw its nominees
Trichy SIva a Rajya Sabha MP from Public Accounts Committee 
and Danapal Venugopal a six time MP from DMK.Subsequently
another major announcement likely is that
 DMK leadership is to walk out of the Joint Parliamentary
Committee on 2G spectrum headed by P C Chacko.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Heard so

Heard so in  BABUDOM 

Embargoed for Sunday
April 17, 2011

R Rajagopalan

Soon after the return of Dr Manmohan SIngh
from China, a long list of "to do" will be kept ready.
First and foremost is to make up the mind of
next Cabinet Secretary. Then comes the 
decision on brining Pulok Chatterjee as Secretary
in  PMO., in the place of MN Prasad.
Dr Singh may have to take a tough decision
on identifying the successor of KM Chandrasekhar.
PMO wants to bring in K Mohandas as Cabinet Secretary
who is 1974 topper and much more senior in the batch
than Pulok Chatterjee. Another officer is Ajit Kumar Seth
who is also 1974 who is presently in the cabinet secretariat.
Political signal is too clear that PMO does not want
to appoint Pulok Chatterjee as Cabinet Secretary.
But to make him as Secretary in PMO from January 2012.
Buzz in corridors of power is that Raj Kumar Singh 
is likely to succeed GK Pillai as Union Home Secretary.
Presently RK Singh is Secretary Defence Production.
An officer of high morality-during Rath Yatra the brave
RK, got LK Advani arrested in Bihar. Apart from this
an officer of bravity. Insiders who are in the selection
process comment, with the anger and straightforward 
approach, can he stand up to the high moral abilities of
P Chidambaram. Will there not be ego and personality clash.
However, the same source also confirm the style with which
PMO will play- is a matter of keen interest. Like D Subba Rao
was thrust- a similar adoption will now be repeated by
appointing RK Singh as Union Home Secretary.
Yet another buzz in the corridors of PMO is much more
interesting. Pradeep Kumar a 1972 IAS officer of Haryana Cadre
is a serious contendor for the post of Central Vigilance Commissioner.
If he made it say in June 2011, there is every possibility to bringing
in Sashi Kant Sharma a 1976 senior IAS officer from UP cadre
as Defence Secretary. Sashi Kant Sharma comes from a too
orthadox and religious family in Uttar Pradesh.  In the banking
Sashi does not articulate the policies. He is half hurt of being
posted. These inputs PMO will keep in mind before effecting
a major bureaucratic shuffle.
Juicy scoop. Not to read too much in between lines.
1974 Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer
K Madhavan Nambiar former Civil Aviation Secretary
moved from pillar to post to get constitutional postions.
But now settled with a CEO position in Chennai based
Alcatel-CDOT joint Venture. WIth a fancy salary.
Nambiar succeeds Sidharth Behura who is now
languishing in Tihar Jail. Moral of the story is
Mallu helps his own country man the another Mallu.

hear say


Raghu Raman Chief Executive Officer of Natgrid is now a 
dejected personality. He is a former Army personnel  later joined
Mahindra Securities-. He was drawn by P Chidambaram to be the 
CEO of National Intelligence Grid to work out a software to track
terrorists funds. Raghu Raman take home pay per month is tenlakh
rupees. In the recent presentation made by him to the Union Home
Secretary GK Pillai about the tracking of terrorists funds TTF
intelligence officials had gone to sleep. They do not cooperate
with Natgrid. Be it RAW or IB, hence Raghu Raman has taken
up with Home Minister complaining that desired cooperation
is not forthcoming from Secretaries of Home,Expenditure, Finance
Banking and Foreign office. 
Director SPG (Special Protection Group) is now positioned above
Secretaries to Government of India. Financial power of Director
SPG has since been enhanced from 20 crores to 25. This has upset
many senior Secretaries to Government of India, are empowered to
clear any submissions worth about Rs 20 crores.This is the maximum
limit. But SPG director is given addtional Rs 5 cores. Sushma Nath
Secretary Expenditure is believed to have been overruled, as SPG
protects Prime Minister and UPA2 Chairperson and her family members.
Sushma Nath closed her face with two hands-at Committee of Secretaries
meet where this proposal was approved.
Shiv Shankar Menon is ruling the roost nowadays. His proposals are
getting approved by PMO. Recently  Prime Minister Ofice has approved 
setting up of a Strategic Programme Staff (SPS)
to function under the National Security Advisor. This unique back up to NSA
will be headed by a Secretary level officer, to be packed with directors and
deputy secretaries as staff members.  Shiv Shankar Menon proposal was rejected by
Ministries of Personnel and Home.

Post of Secretary cannot be created without the approval of the
Union Cabinet that is the view Union Home Ministry has taken.
National Security Advisor Secretariat shall now have a Secretary
status official to head the department. NSA position is becoming too
unweildy according insiders. The IB and RAW do have reservations
about SPS proposal. The reports of IB and RAW will be processed
by SPS before it was submitted to NSA.

During the tenure of MK Narayanan and JN Dikshit as NSA,
the IB and RAW were backing up the office of NSA. But now
with Shiv Shankar Menon in position, is keen to delink
the IB and RAW from NSA.

SPS  basic responsibility is to render assistant to National Security
Advisor. This SPS is a new component has been allocated office accommodation
in different premises at a considerable distance from Sardar Patel Bhavan. 
SPS will also be party reporting to National Security Council Secretariat.
1977 batch IAS officers should be thankful to a member of the appointments
committee of the cabinet. For simple reason, that said Minister registered
his opposition to approve in situ promotions to 1977 officers as 
Special Secretaries to Government of India. Reason, where are the vacancies
and extra expenditure. Can you guess who would have said such strong
language in English. The two page hand written note of the Minister
was submitted to Prime Minister. In one sentence the PM said
the views of the ACC members if rejected. Shame to the proposal
by the Hon. Minister who is so fluent and proficient in English.