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for publication on Tuesday November 19, 2013


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
Four Congress MPs from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are in constant touch with BJP leader Rajnath Singh- In the past month, there were secret meetings  between them. Interestingly, these MPs are disappointed with the Congress performance- and basically Congress unable to decide the alliance partner. More input is that Narendra Modi rallies in Uttar Pradesh were successful hence four MPs are keen to join BJP. During Winter Session of Parliament
President Pranab Mukherjee message on Sachin Tendulkar retirement
was the sudden provocation for UPA Government to speed up the announcement of Bharat Ratna. The wordings were so similar and if compared the PMO had picked up two or three sentences from President of India message. Interestingly there was a query from President Estate to Government- that Bharat Ratna is announced for individuals but UPA Government without discussing with President went in for announcing for CNR Rao also.  
Best Parliamentarian Award is likely to be conferred on Arun Jaitley, Sharad Yadav and Karan SIngh during the Winter Session of Parliament. President Pranab Mukherjee will decorate the award. Insiders say this award was to have been given in Monsoon session, But  the JDU and Congress alliance was firming up and Sharad Yadav had two minds. Meira Kumar Congress MP does not want to be seen with the JDU in photographs till such time the JDU Congress alliance was firmed up.  
Early next year the walls of Lobby side of Parliament a row of painting photographs of former speakers of Lok sabha.
They now sixteen - G V Mavlankar, Ananthasayanam Iyengar, Hukum Singh, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, G S Dhilon, KS Hegde, Balram Jakhar , Rabi Ray,  Shivraj Patil, P A Sangma, GMC Balayogi, Manohar Joshi and Somnath Chatterjee. And presently Meira Kumar   Surviving former Speakers are six. Is that good to open the portraits when they are alive.
It is all the initiatives of Meira Kumar. Hence rules can be waived. She wants her portrait unveiled


By R Rajagopalan

Kiran Kumar Reddy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on Monday
said that if Andhra Pradesh is bifurcated,  there will be a political instability naxal threats  terrorists and Communal violence and maintaining law and order in Hyderabad will be very difficult with communally hypersensitive Hyderabad. Kiran Reddy therefore appealed to the wisdom of decision makers at national level not to split the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh.

Kiran Reddy  rolled out facts and figures and scared the Group of Ministers with Internal security issue for not to create Telangana.  Kiran Reddy said three aspects 
Kiran Reddy argued for united Andhra Pradesh-by focussing the speeches of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in various meetings on Left Wing Extremism. Dr Manmohan Singh said that Naxalims is the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by India

Making a presentation on Issues of Internal secuirty before the Group of Ministers Constituted fro bifucation of sthe state of Andhra Pradesh By Kiran Kumar Reddy on November 18, 2013

Kiran Reddy while concluding his presentation stated the following three important points.

Kiran Reddy said that expected political instability coupled with limited resources of Law Enforcement on account of smaller size of the Telangana state will have serious implications for countering the threat of Naxals Terrorists and communal violence.

The re-emergence of Naxal  violence in Telangana state will automatically lead to increase in Naxal activity in the residual state of Andhra Pradesh too

The law and Order situation in Hyderabad city will come under severe stress and strain on a regular basis.
The division of the state has therefore dangerous implications to the safety and security of people of both the new states proposed especially to the people of Hyderabad City.

Therefore the division of the state is not recommended in over all interests of safety and security needs of people of both the regions.
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Kiran Reddy made 
85 pages power point presentation 
to Group of Ministers


By R Rajagopalan

Kiran Reddy Chief Minister posed 36 basic crucial issues - including problems of Telangana-RayalaseemaRiver water sharing, power sector concerns employment concerns education sector concerns and feeling of short circutting of legal and constitutional conventions., for not to create Telangana

Kiran Reddy presented 85 pages note to the Group of Ministers which 
this correspondent obtained a copy( Editor may please see the attachment- scanned and sent with this email for publication of 85 pages) for keeping a unified Andhra Pradesh -before Group of Ministers on Telangana in New Delhi on Monday.

Kiran Reddy's  36 basic crucial issues are -

Is separation bifurcation a solution to the present crisis?

Significance of United Andhra Pradesh 

Status of Hyderabad

Can Seemandhra contribution be disregarded?

River Water Sharing

Views of the first State Reorganisation Commission

Agrarian Importance of Andhra Pradesh 

Projects on the River Krishna sacrifices by People of all three regions


Shortfall of water availability in River Krishna and Competing Interests

Dam management and control on the river Krishna

New Projects on River Krishna

Complexities in the Inter se usage of the waters in Srisailam dam

Present management of deficit in the state of Andhra Pradesh

Difficulties in Managing Srisailam and Nagarsunasagar Projects

Institutional mechanism for management of River Krishna

Inter River Basin Transfer

Emergency Inter basin transfer of Water

The dilemma of the Polavaram Multipurpose Project

The problems of Telangana

The Problems of Rayalaseema

Upper Riprarian Projects in River Krishna

Telangana Deprived of its rightful allocated share in river Krishna

Diversion of Waters outside the Krishna basin is it not permissible?

Implementation of Tribunal Awards

Proliferation of River Water disputes

Irrigation Map of Andhra Pradesh

Project Map of Godavari basin

Project Map of Krishna Basin

Power Sector Concerns

Employment concerns 

Government employees

Private employees in Organised sector

Skilled and semi skilled

Self employed


Complexities of 371 D on the division process

Educational Sector Concerns

Feeling of Short cicuitting of legal constitutional conventions

Impact of bifurcation on maintenance of law and order

Copy of the letter CM of Andhra Pradesh wrote to President of India

Copy of the letter CM of Andhra Prdaesh wrote to Prime Minister