Monday, November 18, 2013

Hear Say 
New Delhi Political Grapevine Snippets
for publication on Tuesday November 19, 2013


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
Four Congress MPs from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are in constant touch with BJP leader Rajnath Singh- In the past month, there were secret meetings  between them. Interestingly, these MPs are disappointed with the Congress performance- and basically Congress unable to decide the alliance partner. More input is that Narendra Modi rallies in Uttar Pradesh were successful hence four MPs are keen to join BJP. During Winter Session of Parliament
President Pranab Mukherjee message on Sachin Tendulkar retirement
was the sudden provocation for UPA Government to speed up the announcement of Bharat Ratna. The wordings were so similar and if compared the PMO had picked up two or three sentences from President of India message. Interestingly there was a query from President Estate to Government- that Bharat Ratna is announced for individuals but UPA Government without discussing with President went in for announcing for CNR Rao also.  
Best Parliamentarian Award is likely to be conferred on Arun Jaitley, Sharad Yadav and Karan SIngh during the Winter Session of Parliament. President Pranab Mukherjee will decorate the award. Insiders say this award was to have been given in Monsoon session, But  the JDU and Congress alliance was firming up and Sharad Yadav had two minds. Meira Kumar Congress MP does not want to be seen with the JDU in photographs till such time the JDU Congress alliance was firmed up.  
Early next year the walls of Lobby side of Parliament a row of painting photographs of former speakers of Lok sabha.
They now sixteen - G V Mavlankar, Ananthasayanam Iyengar, Hukum Singh, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, G S Dhilon, KS Hegde, Balram Jakhar , Rabi Ray,  Shivraj Patil, P A Sangma, GMC Balayogi, Manohar Joshi and Somnath Chatterjee. And presently Meira Kumar   Surviving former Speakers are six. Is that good to open the portraits when they are alive.
It is all the initiatives of Meira Kumar. Hence rules can be waived. She wants her portrait unveiled

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