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Heard so

Heard so in  BABUDOM 

Embargoed for Sunday
April 17, 2011

R Rajagopalan

Soon after the return of Dr Manmohan SIngh
from China, a long list of "to do" will be kept ready.
First and foremost is to make up the mind of
next Cabinet Secretary. Then comes the 
decision on brining Pulok Chatterjee as Secretary
in  PMO., in the place of MN Prasad.
Dr Singh may have to take a tough decision
on identifying the successor of KM Chandrasekhar.
PMO wants to bring in K Mohandas as Cabinet Secretary
who is 1974 topper and much more senior in the batch
than Pulok Chatterjee. Another officer is Ajit Kumar Seth
who is also 1974 who is presently in the cabinet secretariat.
Political signal is too clear that PMO does not want
to appoint Pulok Chatterjee as Cabinet Secretary.
But to make him as Secretary in PMO from January 2012.
Buzz in corridors of power is that Raj Kumar Singh 
is likely to succeed GK Pillai as Union Home Secretary.
Presently RK Singh is Secretary Defence Production.
An officer of high morality-during Rath Yatra the brave
RK, got LK Advani arrested in Bihar. Apart from this
an officer of bravity. Insiders who are in the selection
process comment, with the anger and straightforward 
approach, can he stand up to the high moral abilities of
P Chidambaram. Will there not be ego and personality clash.
However, the same source also confirm the style with which
PMO will play- is a matter of keen interest. Like D Subba Rao
was thrust- a similar adoption will now be repeated by
appointing RK Singh as Union Home Secretary.
Yet another buzz in the corridors of PMO is much more
interesting. Pradeep Kumar a 1972 IAS officer of Haryana Cadre
is a serious contendor for the post of Central Vigilance Commissioner.
If he made it say in June 2011, there is every possibility to bringing
in Sashi Kant Sharma a 1976 senior IAS officer from UP cadre
as Defence Secretary. Sashi Kant Sharma comes from a too
orthadox and religious family in Uttar Pradesh.  In the banking
Sashi does not articulate the policies. He is half hurt of being
posted. These inputs PMO will keep in mind before effecting
a major bureaucratic shuffle.
Juicy scoop. Not to read too much in between lines.
1974 Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer
K Madhavan Nambiar former Civil Aviation Secretary
moved from pillar to post to get constitutional postions.
But now settled with a CEO position in Chennai based
Alcatel-CDOT joint Venture. WIth a fancy salary.
Nambiar succeeds Sidharth Behura who is now
languishing in Tihar Jail. Moral of the story is
Mallu helps his own country man the another Mallu.

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