Friday, April 15, 2011

hear say


Raghu Raman Chief Executive Officer of Natgrid is now a 
dejected personality. He is a former Army personnel  later joined
Mahindra Securities-. He was drawn by P Chidambaram to be the 
CEO of National Intelligence Grid to work out a software to track
terrorists funds. Raghu Raman take home pay per month is tenlakh
rupees. In the recent presentation made by him to the Union Home
Secretary GK Pillai about the tracking of terrorists funds TTF
intelligence officials had gone to sleep. They do not cooperate
with Natgrid. Be it RAW or IB, hence Raghu Raman has taken
up with Home Minister complaining that desired cooperation
is not forthcoming from Secretaries of Home,Expenditure, Finance
Banking and Foreign office. 
Director SPG (Special Protection Group) is now positioned above
Secretaries to Government of India. Financial power of Director
SPG has since been enhanced from 20 crores to 25. This has upset
many senior Secretaries to Government of India, are empowered to
clear any submissions worth about Rs 20 crores.This is the maximum
limit. But SPG director is given addtional Rs 5 cores. Sushma Nath
Secretary Expenditure is believed to have been overruled, as SPG
protects Prime Minister and UPA2 Chairperson and her family members.
Sushma Nath closed her face with two hands-at Committee of Secretaries
meet where this proposal was approved.
Shiv Shankar Menon is ruling the roost nowadays. His proposals are
getting approved by PMO. Recently  Prime Minister Ofice has approved 
setting up of a Strategic Programme Staff (SPS)
to function under the National Security Advisor. This unique back up to NSA
will be headed by a Secretary level officer, to be packed with directors and
deputy secretaries as staff members.  Shiv Shankar Menon proposal was rejected by
Ministries of Personnel and Home.

Post of Secretary cannot be created without the approval of the
Union Cabinet that is the view Union Home Ministry has taken.
National Security Advisor Secretariat shall now have a Secretary
status official to head the department. NSA position is becoming too
unweildy according insiders. The IB and RAW do have reservations
about SPS proposal. The reports of IB and RAW will be processed
by SPS before it was submitted to NSA.

During the tenure of MK Narayanan and JN Dikshit as NSA,
the IB and RAW were backing up the office of NSA. But now
with Shiv Shankar Menon in position, is keen to delink
the IB and RAW from NSA.

SPS  basic responsibility is to render assistant to National Security
Advisor. This SPS is a new component has been allocated office accommodation
in different premises at a considerable distance from Sardar Patel Bhavan. 
SPS will also be party reporting to National Security Council Secretariat.
1977 batch IAS officers should be thankful to a member of the appointments
committee of the cabinet. For simple reason, that said Minister registered
his opposition to approve in situ promotions to 1977 officers as 
Special Secretaries to Government of India. Reason, where are the vacancies
and extra expenditure. Can you guess who would have said such strong
language in English. The two page hand written note of the Minister
was submitted to Prime Minister. In one sentence the PM said
the views of the ACC members if rejected. Shame to the proposal
by the Hon. Minister who is so fluent and proficient in English.

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