Saturday, November 14, 2009

new delhi political gossips


A senior IB officer who went to Washington to examine
FBI detenue David Coleman Headley is a Secretary rank IPS officer
he took his wife with him, as his daughter is studying in USA.
Spouse will return later after spending time with the daughter.
Executive class passenger is entitled to take his spouse.
This is called austerity measure not for Government but 
for the IPS officer. Seniors in IB laugh at this attitude,
High time, the officer is reverted to cadre for this misbehaviour
say a source in Cabinet Secretariat.
Dayanidhi Maran Union Minister of Textiles in the Union Cabinet
had opposed Ambica Sonia Union Minister of Information Broadcasting
agenda paper introduce the HITS   (Headend-in-the-Sky)
system for multi-system operators to distribute television 
broadcast signals.His arguements were rejected by Prime Minister
But two Union Ministers from Tamil Nadu murmured that Dayanidhi
Maran objections about the conflict of interest
Resigned from BJP and also from Rajya Sabha on a Mukhurt, 
after saying  goodbye to LK Advani, but on a very bad and
inauspicious time that S Thirunavkkarasar joined Congress
It was Ashtami. One Congress Union Minister from Tamil Nadu
was eager that Thirunaukkarasar joined Congress when the other
Union Minister from Tamil Nadu was not present in New Delhi.
It is an internal war in Tamil nadu congress Committee which
came to the fore in New Delhi. 
A senior Union Minister expressed his reservation about
another senior colleague commenting in public
on the functioning and decisions ..  Prime Minister heard
the remarks. Since both Ministeras belonged Congress, 
understandably the silence. Hint was dropped that
Core Committee was being briefed about this 'complaint'

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