Friday, November 6, 2009

Ram Jethmalani is now ?Editor of Magazine on Swiss Bank money

ram jethmalani - now editor and not advocate

Mr Ram Jethmalani cordially invites you to meet him for a chat over a cup of tea at 4pm at his residence 2 Akbar Road on Saturday 7th November 2009.He believes that the most urgent national problem is the problem of corruption which has made elimination of poverty almost impossible. While finding no fault with the press, he believes that a strong newspaper is essential whose main pre-occupation should be the pursuit of the corrupt and unearthing black wealth concealed inside India and outside in foreign banks and tax havens.It is in pursuit of this objective that he and a few respectable citizens approached the Supreme Court to seek judicial help in this cause. Unfortunately court procedures, congested calendars and apathy of the government in power have made it difficult to secure quick results. The solution is approach to the Court of The People of India.Mr Jethmalani has therefore enlisted the help of Baba Ram Dev Ji whose interest in this matter is not only genuine but extremely deep. With his co-operation and blessing this should become a mass movement of the suffering people of India.Mr Jethmalani has decided also to start a Sunday paper which will have the same mission. This meeting hopefully will revive the interest of the press in this somewhat forgotten matter. He would be delighted to meet you, have a chat with you and seek your advice and co-operation.


Ram Jethmalani

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r.k. said...

The need of a paper innately and closely connected with the menace of corruption is felt immensely. In this war the aligning and congruent concept is welfare of poor and extirpation of poverty and destitute. We should give our unsolicited support but must have the misgiving also that highest level of personal integrity towards the means and ends can only make this a sustainable unifying ideology, though Baba Ramdev's visibility and acceptance is colossal.