Friday, November 27, 2009

new delhi corridor gossips - tatter matter gossips


Larger number of RTI quries come to Prime Minister Office.
One such was from Sunil Kumar of Model Town,Delhi
The reply from PMO to following questions was just one line.
This makes good reading.

Since austerity measures have been announced by
the Finance Ministry on August 7,
How many ministers  have sought permission
from the Prime Minister
to travel abroad?

Have any ministers been denied permission to travel abroad?
Have any trips of ministers been cut short by the Prime Minister?
Have any reasons been sited for denying permission
to ministers or for cutting short their proposed tours?

Reply from PMO is just one line
signed by Salil Kumar to Sunil Kumar is

Point Number 1. Response is 42
Point Number 2 Response is Nil
Point Number 3&4 No
A private member's Bill brought by South Goa Congress MP
Francisco Sardinha to regularise bull fights by amending the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 remains hanging
as its discussion got deferred because of adjournment of the
Lok Sabha on Friday on the sugarcane issue agitating the
entire Opposition.

Sardinha, a former Goa Chief Minister, is pursuing the
Bill to help lift the ban on "Dhirio," a traditional bullfight
as part of the monsoon festivities.

A Bill introduced by him in February lapsed with the
dissolution of the last Lok Sabha and as such he
had introduced yet another Bill in the monsoon session.
He was quite enthusiastic over its early listing for
discussion on Friday, but the House adjournment
for the day dashed his hopes to get it passed.
Obituary references are a traditional practice of
remembering sitting and past members before the
start of every Parliament session, but its somberness
was lost in the Lok Sabha on Thursday when the
members, many from the ruling Congress, freely
chatted and laughed.

Those breaking into laughter, loud enough to be
picked up by the sensitive microphone system,
even as Speaker Meira Kumar went on making
lengthy obituary references to the passing away
of nine former members of the House included
even Petroleum Minister Murli Deora.

Most part of 25 minutes of the obituary reference,
Deora kept talking to Pune MP Suresh Kalmadi
and both broke into laughter time and again as if
cracking jokes while a straight-face Minister of State for Coal
 (independent charge) Sriprakash Jaiswal sat
between them focusing on the Speaker's
obituary references.
Eunuchs and transsexuals get an independent identity
 in the electoral rolls as the Election Commission on
Thursday decided to register them in the new category
of "other."

They no longer have to bear the torture of hiding
themselves as different from males and females
and register as either male or female, the only
two categories they have to opt to indicate their sex.

The states' chief electoral officers have been
asked to direct the enumerators to indicate
their sex as "O" if they so desire during the
house-to-house enumeration and verification,
an Election Commission announcement here said.

It said this will also apply to other forms of the
Election Commission in which sex of the voter is written.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is introducing a
new vision of governance to ensure each and every
ministry and department of the Union Government
performs and delivers the pre-defined results.

The cornerstone of this new initiative is introduction
of the Results Framework Documents (RFD) by each
ministry and department that can be used as the
benchmark for judging the performance on a time

They have been asked to submit these documents
latest by the month-end to enable the Cabinet
Secretariat keep track of performance based
on the specifics listed in them.

In a letter sent out to all 85 Secretaries of the
Centre on Monday, Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar
has sought their cooperation for the success of the
Prime Minister's initiative.

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