Friday, November 27, 2009

delhi corridor gossips



R Rajagopalan
DMK and TDP leaders vying each other to get office
accommodation inside parliaement. When NDA was in power
TDP speaker balayogi got a spacious accommodation in
ground floor for TDP. Presently TDP has five MPs, The space
is also allocated with a formula - ratio of their numerical strength
in Lok Sabha. TDP will get 8ftx4ft room and that too in third floor.
DMK has 16 MPs they will get ground floor but room size would
be 10ftx20ft.
Murmurs and whispers of many Union Ministers-
after the Cabinet meeting and just, when they
walk to the Car Parking,are worth listening.
And if these are  properly pieced together, 
that makes a huge political gossips.
MK Azhagiri and Dayanidhi Maran were walking
towards car parking, one minister joked to Azhagiri
in Tamil that you travel in Ambassador while Maran
takes a 'big ship like Benz" a private car. When Pawar
and Praful Patel walk together, they speak "maximum"
But Ministers like Pranab Mukherjee-AK Antony walk
with an angry face.They will not utter a word
Gossip at the Luncheon table of senior secretaries to Government of India
"Quatar" And why South Block which houses External Affairs and PMO
are too busy to push the agenda of foreign airlines.Why sudden
 increase of 300% of  airseats  between six cities of India and Quatar. 
When we open up this particular sector it is bound to help one
 particular state in India, because of huge passengers travel
 between the two countries.We get more 'gas' at a cheaper 
price. Grapevine is that CVC got a detailed letter from one 
of the senior bureaucrat who just got superannuated. If CVC acts on this
letter, the shall be another Justice Librehan Commission will be announced
such is a demolition of "Airlines Industry"

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