Saturday, November 14, 2009

new delhi political gossips


Sharad Yadav leader of JD(U) recently recovered from the dengue.
Now his wife is inflicted with the fever. Doctors say the breeding
of mosquitoes is from the pure drinking water especially
the Thuqlak Road and Lodhi Colony. Each day now in
the early hours, drinking water to these localities is
with the medicine. All thanks to VVIPs getting dengue.
comment officers of civic authorities
President Prathibhha Patil shall be in Rashtrapathi Nilayam
in the second half of December in Hyderabad to
escape  severe Delhi winter. She is also believed to 
take religious books to read and programmed to go
for pilgrimage to some well known temples in South India.
A mini President Secretariat is now being established in
A top cop recently wrote to PMO about drive of a Union Minister
without escort or personal security officer. It is for the record purposes
marked 'top secret'. Reason for claiming secrecy of the Report is to
escape the RTI activists. An intelligence move by top cop.
Fertiliser Minister MK Azhagiri was on a five days foreign visit
to Indonesia and other two countries. Two senior officials of the 
Ministry accompanied him Azhagiri  made three speeches at 
functions which received lots of appreciations and applause.
The speech was so brief that he was able to read it out.

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