Sunday, June 23, 2013

DMK failed to expose ADMK

By R Rajagopalan

AIADMK is in control of Tamil Nadu-   There is no Opposition to ADMK
Karunanidhi's DMK  is fragmented with family dissensions.  
And no presence of Congress in the Tamil Nadu. 
This is the grispy description about politics of Tamil Nadu.

Congress leaders are invisible. ADMK has driven out Congress from
Tamil Nadu

That is why a senior political commentator told me that 
Jayalalitha is the modern Mahishasuramardhini 
who has taken birth to trounce Congress in Tamil Nadu.

Projections of ADMK prospects in Lok Sabha?

Visualising a possibility in the state of Tamil Nadu in the ensuing
Lok Sabha polls. 

ADMK is bound to sweep the state. My estimate is that Jayalalitha
would bag somewhere 25 to 28.  DMK 5 to 8. And ADMK allies
like Vaiko, CPI CPM might take the rest. This means wipe out
of Congress and Vijaykant DMDK.

How UPA ignored Tamil Nadu?

UPA leadership also failed to attract ADMK 
not only from the party to party contact, the UPA2 with vengence
against Jayalalitha did not try to reach out to ADMK 
from the angle of Centre and State Governments. 
It is a sad commentary that none of the Union Ministers
had discussed the basic issues pertaining to the 
economic, commercial and public werlfare  developments of
Tamil Nadu   None of the Union Ministers drove to Tamil Nadu
Secretariat to meet Jayalalitha.  The arrogant behaviour of
few Union Ministers made Jayalalitha and also ADMK to go
after Congress in the state and finish the Congress roots in the

What are crucial issues ?

Crucial issues in Tamil Nadu are three.  Power shortage-slow 
motion of infrastructure developments and massive hike in bus fare and 
in essential commodities prices

Corruption of course is an issue in Tamil Nadu, but Jayalalitha 
In her two years of regime-did not go in for with glare.

Sri Lankan Tamil issue was a temporary baloon floated by
one section of DMK, which grounded with their withdrawal of
support to UPA.

Why DMK is disintegrated?

DMK is ridden with family disputes. When I interacted with a senior DMK leader
and son of Karunanidhi- he openly confessed that future of DMK without his father
is bleak. And he agreed that one section would surrender to ADMK.

And politically speaking weakened DMK is an asset to -Jayalalitha
ADMK does not have a single enemy in the state of Tamil Nadu.

And that is proved - as Jayalalitha approached the Rajya Sabha elections. 
She has comfortable majority in the state assembly- ADMK could have bagged five seats
out of six. But she let go one for the sake of CPI. And this calculated political gamble
had put the DMK in tight spot. Jayalalitha anticipated that DMK would again try out with Congress

Closely interacted with top leaders of  ADMK, DMK and DMDK and PMK during my ten days visit
to Tamil Nadu- gave me an understanding that negative factors of the ruling ADMK  are not properly
being politically encashed or exploited by major opposition party DMK. 

The power shortage in the state should have created a public outburst. DMK failed to do this.
Needless to say that  timely rains-saved ADMK  

But too calculated moves of Jayalalitha during the peak summer has been - 
to ensure that ADMK sympathisers and her voter bank
is given "daily doses of incentives"  Amma Unavagam- Amma canteen is too popular
Cheap idlies and snacks. She found such gimmicks pay political dividends to ADMK

Exactly after a fortnight of Amma Canteen, Jayalalitha has gone in for providing subsidies
vegetables. And she announced from C N Annadurai birthday September 15 onwards
school going students will get cheaper mineral water bottle for Rs 10.

Having reported Parliament for 30 years- and my specialisation has been question hour.
That has given me immense knowledge on Governance.   What a clarity from
Question Hour a Political correspondent would get-with the articulation of many senior
BJP, Left and some Congress Ministers replies in Lok Sabha and in Rajya Sabha.

But in the state of Tamil Nadu this is missing.  For each and every question
the Chief Minister Jayalalitha replies. There is an absence of participation
and articulation of an issue by other political minds in the ADMK.

And here Jayalalitha of course certainly resembles like Narendra Modi
who also do not permit others to grow taller in their statures.

Such may be the regional aspirational trends in 2014 Lok Sabha polls
And future debates in Parliament.


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