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May 7,; 2013

Buzz   Political Grapevines
for publication on Wednesday
May 8, 2013


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
President Pranab Mukherjee saved the UPA2 from a major constitutional crisis
In his brief direction to the Government - said that the confusion created by
the advancement of the financial bill - should have been averted. 
Buzz is that President Pranab Mukherjee had to intervene through Speaker Meira Kumar
and  explaned to her the consittuional crisis - Should this not be the task of
Union Law Minister Ashwini Kumar? Why did President Pranab Mukherjee
ask Speaker Meira Kumar to come to Rashtrapathi Bhavan ?
Should not the Department of Legislative Affairs in Law Ministry
on alert?  Or does it mean that Finance Minister P Chidambaram who is
also a legal luminary-to have anticipated such Constitutional Crisis.
Insiders confirm in Union Ministry of Finance that the ADB meeting
in New Delhi created such a confusion and effectively sorted out by
President Pranab Mukherjee
Sharad Pawar in Central Hall on Tuesday was seen introducing his grand children and also
his son in law Sadanand Sule to Prime Minister and also to many of 
the MPs  Dr Manmohan Singh gave a pat on the grand children enquired their 
school and education.  
Central Hall on Tuesday was overflowing with the presence of huge numbers of MPs
Congress, BJP and Left parties have issued three lines whip-not on Food Security Bill
or Land Reforms Bills-but for MPs voting for the election for Finance committees
like PAC-and COPU 
Ashwini Kumar Law Minister was seen escorting Sonia Gandhi from Central Hall
to main gate where Sonia Gandhi was to get into her car. SPG guards did not
allow Ashwini Kumar to get nearer to Sonia Gandhi as they also walked fast
surrounding her. Still Ashwini Kumar managed to speak something, but that
was being closely monitored and overheard by Rajiv Sukhla who also competed
with Ashwini Kumar to walk fast.  But none could beat up the brisk walk
of Sonia Gandhi
BJP MP Yashodhara Scindia created a flutter in Central Hall on Tuesday. She misplaced
Blackberry mobile phone. Began to search the mobile phone below the desks. She 
asked the watch and ward to help her. Walkie Talkie messages were flashed, huge
number of Parliament security rushed to Central Hall. To heckle her more Dr Subramanian
Swamy asked Yashodhara whether she was searching UPA Minsters Bansal and 
Ashwini Kumar?  Finally the high drama ended when a security man found the 
phone and returned to Yashodhara. 
AK Antony spent maximum time in Central Hall on Tuesday a rare scene.
He was seen talking to Kerala Congress MPs . And came Vylar Ravi
both spent talking about the fate of their Ministerial colleagues
Bansal and Ashwini. 
Buzz in Corridors of power is that UPA is wanting to take a political revenge by
exposing scams about BJP Chief Ministers. Alert BJP MPs are now 
busy finding out which agency would UPA2 ask to raid, will it be CBI
or ED or CBDT Income Tax?
Sonia Gandhi walked fast to tap the shoulders of Sushma Swaraj in Central Hall
on Tuesday. Best opportunity for phtograph. But in Central Hall clicking camera
is not permitted. But some enthusiatic MPs videoed on their mobile phones
SPG requested the MPs not to telecast or circulate it, as it is a matter of 
security concern.
Ravi Shankar Prasad Deputy Leader ADMK Leader Dr V Maitreyan and 
and Trinamool Congress leader
on Tuesday gave an affectionate shock to the Chairman Rajya Sabha
by threatening that they would stall the proceedings if the Government
brought Food Bill or Land Reforms Bill.  Dr Maitreyan even threatened
that they will cross the floor to the treasury benches. and "maar peet"  Such was
ki sambhavana hai" -the anger the Opposition had on the Government.
Presence of Lakshmi Parvathy wife of NTR
was a great surprise in Parliament on Tuesday when N T Rama Rao statue was unveiled
by Speaker of Lok Sabha. Chandrababu Naidu and Lakshmi Parvathy did not see
each other. Members of the family of NTR were in full strength.
Buzz in the Central Hall was all about the 300 pages letter by a Supreme Court
Advocate documented about a senior Union Minister addressed to
P J KUrien Chairman of JPC. Attachments were all about the 2G scam.
And how the Union Minsiter helped a private TV channel to amass
wealth. Much more interesting aspect is that these were in public domain
and the petititoner was drubbed as a mentally disabled legal luminary

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