Wednesday, May 18, 2011

heard so in corridors of power

Heard so

for publication on Sunday May 22, 2011


R Rajagopalan
Suspense continues over Governors Conference slated in June.
Will it be held or not? Invitations are yet to be despatched.
Governors Conference means massive exercise for Union Home
Ministry and President Estates to coordinate two days event.

PMO is silent on this. Not indicated date
and time to President Secretariat. Reason, Sardar Surjit Singh Barnala
Sardar Iqbal Singh and Pandit Hansraj Bharadwaj hitting the headlines.
Controversy over roles of Governors.

Governors in North Eastern States had already taken fortnight 
holiday and resting in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu.  But the real issue for President
Secretariat is. Selection of Doyen of Governors who had put in longer years
as Governor. The only one is S S Barnala. 
Drinking water pipe burst on Wedensday near 24 Akbar Road, the headquarters of AICC and also
the chiefs of armed forces. But the worst affected VVIP is obviously the Vice President
bungalow. Water Scarcity emergency calls were made.Supply was restored after
quick response team arrived at the spot 
D Raja CPI MP bad experience at the Jayalalitha swearing in ceremony. In the crowd
he lost one chappal. In an anger Raja threw out the other chappal too. Walked without
footware. Noticing it, Sarath Kumar Cine actor asked D Raja to travel in his car
and bought him fancy footware.
Karunanidhi plans to resign as Chief of DMK, but pave way for MK Stalin
to be installed as Chairman of the DMK General Council presidium.
An emotional high pitch drama is slated to be enacted in Chennai on Monday
when the highest policy making body of DMK meets, after poll debacle.
Best lighter vein joke. Who will be foreign secretary. A Sardar or a Mallu?
The tug of war is between Ranjan Mathai and Hardeep Puri. Both belong
to 1974 IFS seniority and both were born in 1952. PMO nor Foreign Secretary
want to express their view on selection process, as it involve two powerful
New Delhi corridors of power is agog with speculation about
the increase of retirement age of Union Government employees
to 62.
KM Chandrasekhar Cabinet Secretary is being tipped for the slot of Indian Ambassador
to United States of America. Though the retiring foreign secretary Nirupama Rao is also in
the race, the political leadership wants to give such a elated position to KM Chandrasekhar
as he handled meticulously the Nuke deal issues in Cabinet meetings further in Parliament.

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