Wednesday, November 23, 2011


23 Nov 2011


By R Rajagopalan

 The Lok Sabha secretariat relented on Wednesday and restored the media's facility of basic papers like the list of business and question papers that was abruptly stopped on the opening day of winter session on the ground that everything is now available on the net.

The decision was reviewed after journalists protested on Tuesday at the hindrance to their professional work of proper coverage of the House if they do not get hard copy of documents to refer when in the Press Gallery and are supposed to check on the Internet on return to office. 

Sources said the secretariat realised the media's handicap from the new paperless policy since they are not allowed to bring their laptops or Ipads in the Press Gallery alike the members of Parliament who have been given the gadget to facilitate the technological shift from the stakes of paper to the new electronic era.


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