Sunday, December 11, 2011


for publication on Sunday December 11, 2011


R Rajagopalan
New Delhi

Sonia Gandhi walked too brisk in and out of Central Hall
and lobby of Parliament today, smiled at each of those
who greeted on her 66th birthday, escorted by  SPG
Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam President Bapiraju
Congress MP presented her a special puja prasad
with Ladoo. He told her that it is Lord Balaji prasad
she smiled and accepted it.
Lalu Prasad tonsured his head, and is seen wearing a fur cap
in Parliament. He greeted Sonia Gandhi inside Lok Sabha
by walking near to her seat when proceedings begun.
S Thirunavkarasar who recently joined Congress from BJP
was in Delhi today to greet Sonia Gandhi on her birthday
Instead of his typical Tamil dress of veshti and white kurta
Thiruvakarasar came in Pyjama Kurta typical of Youth Congress
leader style. Many senior Congress leaders were taken back
to see the new attire of Arasar who was a
former Union Minister in Vajapyee Government
Deve Gowda former Prime Minsiter on Friday walked
straight into Lok Sabha at 1102 hours,without realising
the entire house is standing up in silence to mourn the death of 
hospital patients in Kolkata. Deve Gowda rushed to house
as he was keen to raise the SM Krishna issue and keen
to express his views. Gowda was alerted by watch and
ward-to walk slow as the house is mourning. Closed his
eyes-Gowda stood for a mintue. then resumed his first row seat
in Lok Sabha
Bhupender Singh Hooda Chief Minister Of Haryana entered Cetnral Hall
alone,walked alone. But in earlier occasions, he will be escorted by
State Ministers and Haryana Congress MPs. But on Friday his
political graph is sliding because, he walked alone in Central Hall.
With two helping sticks limping in Parliament, Congress MP from 
Haryana Deepender Singh Hooda spent one hour. Almost all
senior Union Ministers went near to Deepender and enquired
about the fractured right leg. Deepender is the son of 
Haryana Chief Minister Bhpender Singh Hooda
Dig Vijaya Singh was in Parliament, huge crowd went near to him
in his inimical  smile style -somewhat similar to that of
Karunakaran broad smile- Diggy Raja shook hands with everyone.
Atleast ten to fifteen MPs walked with him from main portico
of parliament building to Central Hall.
Gulam Nabi Azad Union Minister when he entered Lok Sabha
at 1055 hours on Friday- was greeted by almost all Telangana Congress
MPs. Some Telangana Congress MPs touched Gulam nabi feet
inside Lok Sabha. While these MPs were holding huge posters
reminding Sonia Gandhi for telangana as promised on her birthday
two years ago. 

But a contrast meeting of Andhra Congress MPs with Dig Vijaya Singh
inside Parliament, which is interesting. Dr KVP Ramachandra Rao
and Sabbam Hari went rushing to Diggy Raja, while Unndavalli
Aruna Kumar joined this discussion. KVP and Diggy Raja spent
few minutes separately in a corner of Parliament. 
Satyavrt Chaturvedi the Congress spokesman was narrating to
fellow Congress MPs inside Parliament the difficulties he faced in many live TV discussions
to defend UPA2 

In a lighter vein joke to his fellow Congress MP
Satyavrt said.. Thursday P Chidambaram on 2G, Friday SM Krishna on Bellary mining
Monday Kapil Sibal on Facebook and Twitter , Tuesday Anand Sharma on FDI in retail
like this..parliament will have blockade...We have added eleven young spokesmen
who are Union Ministers.. Let them defend such a long list.... 

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