Saturday, April 13, 2013


embargoed for publication on Sunday April 14, 2014

R Rajagopalan
New  Delhi

1928 born Motilal Vora the senior most and aged  84 ,
leader of Congress is the lone voice which can be heard in 10 Janpath.  
The only one Congress leader who can straight walk across straight to the
dining hall of 10 Janpath is Motilal Vora.  Mother son and daughter talk to him
in confidence.  Which are issues of party and personal too. Vora confirmed
to his close sources that Priyanka Gandhi entry into Lok Sabha from
Rae Bereli is almost certain. Motilal ji also opines that Sonia Gandhi
will not contest Lok Sabha due to her health reasons.
Madusudan Mistry Gujarat Congress leader is considered to be close to Rahul Gandhi.
Insiders buzz it out saying that Mistry will be Political Secretary to Vice President AICC
Rahul Gandhi-somewhat similar role that Ahmed Patel is now decorated with Sonia Gandhi.
Old timers in AICC say that Rajiv Gandhi brought Vincent George-then Mallu importance
grew up to the tilt. Now the same elders comment that Gujju domination is more
on 10 Janpath. Be it Ahmed bhai or Mistry bhai-both trying to compete each other.
135 seats is assured for Congress in Karnataka out of 224 strength of the 
Assembly. Congress ticket distribution is almost over. Madhusudan Mistry
is a dominant player- in all internal meetings Mistry is bringing out choicest
blessings in negative fromat  against Ahmed Patel.  On money matters
Mistry is categorical that only Ahmed Patel will endorse the package.
"My job is to distribute tickets continues Mistry-but actual power is
with Ahmed bhai as he distributed Goddess Lakshmi" says close friend
of Mistry.
A report pending with AICC President. It is about impact of revival of
Tamil Maanila Congress by G K Vasan.  AICC is concerned about the
real estate that TNCC owns-estimated somewhere around 700 - 750 crores
in the heart of Tenampet in Chennai. 153 small shops around this Tenampet
Grounds fetch huge rentals. GK Vasan is a Trustee in the TNCC owned
real estates.  In categorical terms GK Vasan conveyed that he would
better resign as Trustee of TNCC real estates than to create legal
complications for AICC.  Reason his father G K Moopanar samadhi
is in the precints of "Tenampet Tidal"  When AICC suspects its own leader
walking out-intentions are political insiders say it is financial.
"War Room" it is a main power centre in New Delhi next to 10 Janpath.Situated
in 15 Gurudwara Rekab Ganj Road in New Delhi few metres from Parliament House
Three days in a week Rahul Gandhi visits this war room. To discuss 2014 poll
prospects. Alliances are made in this War Room.  How to win over Mayawati
whose Bungalow is  just opposite to War Room Election datas are more found in the war room.. 
Can Nitish Kumar be wooed?  Will Jayalalitha join UPA?  Strategies are planned
executed.  Ten to fifteen Union Minsters visit this war room when Rahul Gandhi
holds "real battle field formulating carpet bombing". An estimated study of 400 parliament
constituencies are done by this War Room experts. Their analysis is that 
Congress will win in 85 to 90 seats out of 400, the remaining 150 AICC does not
have organisation nor candidates.  Such is grapevines fumes out of war room
a real disturbing feature.

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