Monday, April 12, 2010




PM tells Ministers sensitive issues 
handle them carefully

By R Rajagopalan

Not only did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reject P Chidambaram Union Home Minister letter of resignation 
but PM also stood solidly behind him, by directing Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar to write to all the
Union Ministers not to criticise handling of Maoists issue by Home Ministry and not to ventilate feelings
on Left Wing extremism in open.

Dr Manmohan Singh just before he left for USA, asked Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar to address 
a letter to the Council of Ministers directing them to speak in one voice and desist from commenting
on issue not directly related to their ministries.

Dr SIngh  made it clear that Union Home Minister P Chidambaram is the only one authorised to deal with issues related to internal security.

Many Congress Working Committee members have presented their views in writing and in person to Prime Minister
Dig VIjay Singh has also conveyed his version to Dr Manmohan Singh.

Once many criticisms were focused on P Chidambaram and the subsequent day Dr Singh was to take off for USA
which Dr Singh was keen to get briefed more on Nuke than the internal security concerns. Dr SIngh took the opportunity
to silence P Chidambaram critics  like Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee and Union minister for food 
processing Subodh Kant Sahay commented on the Dantewada massacre.
Maoists had killed 76 security personnel in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh on April 6.

Cabinet Secretary Letter is reproduced below


April 10 2010

Dear Minister 

I am writing in continuation of my DO letter dated January 28, 2009 conveying the decision of the
Prime Minister that in respect of issues considered to be sensitive by him one Ministry/Department
will be designated as a nodal Ministry as a singhle point for interaction with media and accurate articulation
of the action taken being contemplated by Government as well as stance adopted by Government.

It is recalled for ready reference that this nodal Ministry will also make suitable arrangement for regular interaction
with media in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, to brief them on important developments.
Ministers and secretaries senior officials belonging to other departments may advise the media to seek information
clarification from the nodal Ministry whenever questions are asked on such issues.

Prime Minister has now desired that regarding all matters related to Left WIng Extremism including the recent
incident Dandewada the Ministry of Home Affairs will be the nodal Ministry for interaction with media
and articulation of Government position.

With regards

Cabinet Secretary

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BK Chowla, said...

Finally, the PM is showing hos strength. But, once this letter is on the net, it is no longer a secret