Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new delhi political gossips

new delhi grapevine political snippet

Who is next Cabinet Secretary? 
Answer from a senior functionary of PMO is that  it will happen 
between May 10-15. Thought process with various options are being
worked out at the highest level. 
PM has begun liking for Ashok Chawla. present Finance Secretary
and it is the general feeling of PMO that a cabinet secretary material
should have a financial background.  speculation is now ripe about
Chawla.However there are four seniors to Ashok Chawla. How do you accommodate
them?  Probability which is being discussed at the highest level is that Sudha Pillai will be elevated as Member Secretary with three year tenure in Planning Comission  M Ramachandran will be given Asian Development Bank slot Sujit Banerjee presently Tourism Secretary shall be accommodated  in TRAI a member  P J Thomas is being elevated as Election Commission member. These officers are senior to Ashok Chawla hence such a proposal.
To promote 1977 and 1980 IAS officers as Secertaries and Additional Secretaries
an Eminent Persons Group has been constituted to analyse the annual confidential
records of these two batches and suggest to the to Cabinet Secretariat 
a list of probables, for empanelment. 5 EPG are P Shankar, Samar Ballab Mohapatra
Reva Nayyar, Kumud Bansal and Wilfred Lakhera. Three sittings of the EPG was over.
and the final sitting will be in next month. As per the PMO policy the promotional
positings of these batches will be from January 1, 2011. However, the empanelment
would be over by October 2010
Pranab Mukherjee Office in North Block does not want officers  worked with
earlier Finance Ministers. Two or three officers have been identified. They are being eased out
Omita Paul the OSD to Pranab Mukherjee and Dr K P Krishnan joint secretary capital markets  are at loggerheads. She wants massive decisions to be cleared by the Krishnan
Joint Secretary - like  a lightning speed. Such quick decisions are not that easy in union 
government.As  the file goes to Legal, Foreign, Personnel and finally to CVC... 
Fed up with pressures on him,  Dr KPK decided to advance his reversion to 
Karnataka. Krishnan is being considered for the post of Resident Commissioner of 
Karnataka. Much interesting is that Omita Paul wants Thomas Mathews Kerala cadre IAS officer now  joint secretary in  defence is being brought to Finance to succeed Krishnan. 
North Block is keen to appoint SC Goel as Chairman of India Infrastructure Finance Company 
S S Kohli was till recently held this position. SC Goel being a former chairman of a public sector bank, contributed towards the infrastructure during his tenure is the basic attraction for north block.There are other two names in the panel, but PMO will take a final call by end of this month.


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