Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lok Sabha snippets



By R Rajagopalan

Dr Farooq Abdulla Union Minister replied during question hour in Punjabi.
asked Pratap Singh Bajwa on solar energy. Entire house went into laughter
as he spoke broken punjabi, occasionally Dr MS Gill another Union Minister
was prompting him to use the right word. Gulam Nabi Azad who was present
next to Abdulla also told him to pronounce the right word. For two or three
minutes entire Lok Sabha MPs were spell bound and heard Farooq saheb's
chaste Punjabi. Speaker Meira Kumar was quick to restore calm, and she
ruled that in future Ministers cannot reply other than English or in Hindi
languages. Meira Kumar had MK Alagiri Union Minister from Tamil Nadu
in mind at the time of giving English Hindi ruling.
Lal Singh the firebrand Congress MP from Jammu was seen in Lok Sabha 
distributing chewing gums tablets and pepermint to almost all the MPs 
who were in tenth and the last eleventh row. Ministers on seeing this 
made signals not to do it, when House was in session. But at the same time in the
second row, Murli Deora Petroleum Minister was seen giving POLO
mint mouth freshner to Supriya Sule the daughter of Sharad Pawar.
These two are new happenings, while it is a old scene, that Raghuvans
Prasad Singh RJD MP will walk to the seat of Lalu Prasad to give
a pinch of powder, crushed in the palm of betel, tobacco and lavang.
Lalu Prasad will pinch it from Raghuvans babu and quickly 
hold the powder between teeth and lips. MPs always busy
in such a way when house meets.
As the Lok Sabha resumed its session on Friday, 
Lalu Prasad waved his hand towards BJP leader Yashwant Sinha 
signalling whether he was to assume office as Chief Minister
of Jharkhand. Sooner Yashwant Sinha  crossed the floor to the 
seat of Lalu Prasad  Sat with Lalu more than ten minutes.
After this Yashwant Sinha shared the seat with Mulayam Singh
Yadav. This scene surprised many Bihar Jharkhand,
Congress leaders who were in the House. 
JD U leader Sharad Yadav on Friday in Lok Sabha without referring
the name of A Raja Union Minister went all out against the 2G 
scandal. Since the chaste Hindi of Bihari style, DMK MPs who
were present in Lok Sabha could not make out. However, prompted
by Trinamool Congress leader Sudip Bandhobahdyan, DMK MPs
at once stood up and denied all the 2G corruption charges. 
Sharad Yadav used  tactics - not to mention telecom or A Raja.
Yadav jokingly commented that he was happy that
DMK MPs understand  Hindi

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