Friday, May 7, 2010

cbi was used to scare BSP to save UPA2 -Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj

7 May 2010


From Our Delhi Bureau

BJP leaders claim that they had exposed the UPA2 during the Budget
session. And brought out the internal contradictions in UPA2 by
exposing the scams and ineffective handling of law and order situation
in the country.

BJP leaders also said how CBI was used to save the UPA2 which was being
voted out in the cut motions.

Lok Sabha Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj and Rajya Sabha Opposition
leader Arun Jaitley on Friday expressed satisfaction over the just
concluded budget session of Parliament, claiming that their Bhartiya
Janata Party sustained focus on price rise right from start to end
through a volley of questions, cut-motions, adjournments and walkouts
and a massive demonstration in the capital.

They were, however, least troubled by Parliament Minister Pawan Kumar
Bansal ruing at a separate Press conference that very little
legislative business could be conducted because of obstructions in both
the Houses through pandemonium, because of which the Lok Sabha lost 70
hours and Rajya Sabha 40 hours. Bansal also regretted that the
Opposition did not allow question hour for 11 days, seven days in Rajya
Sabha and four days in Lok Sabha.

Though the Opposition unity that the BJP had mustered on issues like
price rise and IPL scam collapsed when Sushma Swaraj's cut-motion on
petroleum price hike was put to vote, she claimed her party never
expected the cut-motion succeed but it has certainly shown the mirror
to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that he is heading a minority

But for support of BSP's 22 MPs, the government would have fallen as
only 289 votes were cast against the cut-motion and it showed that the
government definitely does not have more than 272 members in the Lok
Sabha to claim to enjoy majority, Sushma affirmed.

She said the boycott of voting by Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj
Party also showed that their claim of being the opposition is fake and
all that she can say about them is: "Fikra nahi mehangai ki, dar CBI
ka." She said it was fear of the CBI going harsh against their party
chiefs on their asset cases that these parties succumbed to bail out
the government and that is why the BJP has decided to have a sustained
campaign against the misuse of CBI by those in power.

As part of that exercise, the BJP MPs demonstrated in the Parliament
House complex on Thursday and a delegation led by BJP Parliamentary
Party chairman Lal Krishna Advani on Friday submitted a memorandum to
President Pratibha Patil on "blatant misuse of CBI by the ruling UPA,"
Sushma Said. She had also got admitted a discussion on working of CBI
on Thursday which could not be taken up due to adjournment of the House
and which will come up in the next monsoon session, she said.

As regards women's reservation bill, Sushma said it became victim of
the deals brokered by the government with BSP, SP and RJD, which are
opposed to women's quota in Lok Sabha and Assemblies. Parliamentary
Affairs Minister Bansal, however, blamed the Opposition for obstructive
politics because of which very little legislative business could be
conducted during the session.

Both the Houses could pass just 15 Bills altogether as against over 80
pending Bills and 37 new Bills introduced during the session, 27 in the
Lok Sabha and 10 in the Rajya Sabha, Bansal pointed out. He said the
total Bills passed by the Lok Sabha, including the money bills, were
26, including some 10 without discussion due to pandemonium, while the
Rajya Sabha on its own passed only 16. These included the Bills that
got cleared by both the Houses.

In its memorandum to the President, the BJP said the UPA Government has
destroyed independence and autonomy of the CBI in the last six years,
pointing out that the government acted on the basis of three essential

--If the accused is leader of the UPA, the case against him should be
subverted and closed. There has been a cover up of several cases in
this category.

--If the case relates to a political party which can come to the aid of
UPA to muster a parliamentary majority, a sword must hang on its
leaders so that CBI can act as a bargaining counter between that party
and the UPA.

--If the case relates to the known opponent of the UPA, then the CBI
should act in a vindictive manner.

Citing instances from which the BJP drew up these premises, the
memorandum also accused the Centre of violating the age-old premise
that no offence relating to a State can be investigated by the CBI
without the specific consent of the State Government.

"Today, the State of Gujarat is witnessing the tyranny of the CBI, with
a systematic effort being made to harass the functionaries of the
State Government, particularly police officers, in order to intimidate
them and take vindictive action against them. This is being done in
cases which have already been investigated by the Special Investigative
Team set up by the Supreme Court. The attempt of the CBI is to create
false cases on the strength of political instructions of the UPA," the
memorandum said.

Urging the President to stop the gross abuse of CBI by the government
to help the agency regain its investigative integrity, the memorandum
said the agency is being used to harass senior leaders of NDA and other
opposition parties. "The CBI has been used to strike political bargains
with opposition parties during the Trust Vote of 2008 and the Cut
Motion of 2010," the memorandum added.


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