Saturday, May 8, 2010


for publication on Monday May 10, 2010

R Rajagopalan
Sonia Gandhi has finalised members of National Advisory Committee
being sent to Cabinet Secretariat for issuing orders. Sonia discussed
the list with the Prime Minister and with Pranab Mukherjee. Monday
afternoon the orders being issued.
On Thursday when Rajya Sabha began its session, 
AIADMK MP  Dr V Maitreyan shown a pen drive and audio casstte 
containing a conversation between Nira Radia and A Raja.
on portfolio allocations. Chairman objected to this mis-behaviour for 
exhibiting pen drives irresponsible behaviour. Stop this. But V Maitreyan 
continued to do. SInce Thursday is a PM roaster duty day in Rajya Sabha
many Congress MPs were present. Maitreyan asked PM do you want
to heart this tape. And are you the real Prime Minister. Did you decide
the portfolio or a PR agency woman.  CPM, BJP and others supported
while Congress objected. Dismuiss Raja was the slogan by AIADMK MPs
and they walked out. They came to Central Hall. It is a booster for those
MPs who received a congratulatory phone call from Jayalalitha from Chennai.
all of them were too happy- to say "Nandri (thanks in Tamil)  Amma"
Jaya watched the proceedings of live telecast of  Rajya Sabha
After a communication from Cabinet Secretary about the upkeep of web site
of the Department/Ministry, now an incentive has been proposed. To judge
the best web site and reward for maintaining it.

there are 450 web sites maintained by the NIC concerning Government of India
and its departments headquartered in New Delhi. The best web site
has now been categorised.  For instance Vice President of India
Union Ministry of Civil Aviation and Department of Company Affairs
Ministries of Commerce, Telecom. A new software has since been
introduced by NIC. which provides quick transaltion into 85 foreign languages
including Italiana and Spanish of the contents of  the web site 

By November 2010, the high power committee headed by Cabinet Secretary
shall judge the best maintained Govt web site. A price of Rs one lakh is being
proposed as reward to the web manager of the concerned site.
Politically success story as Prime Minister put it
in a recent official meeting  "e-tharakki" is a major achievement of 
successive Governments NDA and UPA 
DMK at one point of time, decided to suspend MK Alagiri for his
stand that he would contest for the post of Chief Minister
when new MLAs are elected. Also he would contest for 
the post of President of DMK when General Council holds elections.
Disciplinary notice was drafted. MK Alagiri was told about it.
that was the trump card Father used against Son to silence him
And that made MK Alagiri to attend Cabient meets, Parliament
and everyday for three hours he sits in Sashtri Bhavan.
If Alagir was suspended, then MPs and MLAs would desert him
He has to have a hold on the brother Stalin, and that hold is
none else than Fertiliser Ministry.  Now MK Alagiri has begun
to learn English pronounciations. But much more interesting is
in Central Hall in front of many DMK MPs, he asked the canteen bearer
AAJ KI KHAANA MENU KYA HAI. That broken hindi words
wondered many senior MPs to know the quick memorising power
of Alagiri. Reply was that he keeps few words written inTamil and keeps
it his shirt packet.Takes out and puts it back after he said aaj ki khaana
menu kya hai
Law makers are also law breakers. If you do not attend
the Parliament continuously 60 sittings, the MP would lose the
membership. To avoid this there is a clause, to write a leave letter.
to the presiding officer.

For instance Dasari Narayana Rao a Rajya Sabha MP is unhappy over
his removal from the Council of Ministers. Since then he is sulking
not attending Rajya Sabha. He wrote to Chairman Rajya Sabha
seeking leave of absence, as he was undergoing medical treatment
in Hyderabad. The Rajya Sabha agreed to give him leave for 30 days.

But in Lok Sabha the case is different.
Dr Balram chairman of committee on absense of members from the 
sittings of the house presented his report to Lok Sabha, 
Ten MPs abstained from the sittings, They wrote to the 
committee seeking exemptions. there are three columns 
names of the members , period for which  leave was applied, 
reasons thereof, 

Kameshwar Baitha was detained in the jail for 33 days hence 
he was given leave of absence.
Ganjam Babar sought leave for 15 days as his son was 
getting married.
Yashwant SInha was busy electioneering for 20 days 
he was granted leave
Shivraj Adalrao Patil applied leave for 17 days as he was 
on a private visit to foreign country.
Kabir Suman (Trinamool MP who 
was actively helping Maoists )
self ilness and was granted leave for 20 days.

Balram Kashyap illness for 46 days

Shibu Soren 33 days leave as he was ill. Period for 
which leave is sought November 19, 2009 to December 12, 2009
and again 23 days from Feb 22, 2010 to March 23, 2010
 in total he got exemption for 56 days.
He voted with the Govt on money bill also as MP. 
He is a chief minister

K Chandrasekhar Rao applied for 56 days leave, 
and committee agreed to give him leave.
Period for which leave is sought is much more 
interesting. He was on a fast for separate telangana
Nove 19,2009 to Dece 21, 2009
and Feb 22, 2010 to March 16,2010


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