Thursday, May 13, 2010

khushboo joins DMK

cine actor khushuboo
joins DMK
may be elected to Rajya Sabha

by r rajagopalan

Khushuboo cine heroine of tamil movies
sprang a surprise to join the DMK ruling
party of tamil nadu.

Kanimozhi daughter of Karunanidhi was the
brain behind bringing Khushuboo to DMK

Keeping the Tamil nadu elections to the assembly
is also kept as a trump card for
Khushuboo to join DMK

An popular actor, Khushuboo was in the Jaya TV
as a conductor of a popular programme.
And Jaya TV trp was too high than the SUN TV
and Kalaigyar TV

Khushuboo joining DMK is a major coup by
DMK leadership.



ms said...

are we seeing the birth of a political career? will khushboo be the next jayalalitha?

ms said...

my earlier comment did not make the grade! so, trying again. i asked if we are witnessing the birth of khushboo's political career, like jayalalithaji's.

viji_srirangam said...

your news item itself is wrong ... kanimozhi it seems is not interested in kushboo joining ... and she has not attended the joining function.