Monday, November 1, 2010


Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha PDT Acharya 
is now  Parliamentary Advisor to Railway Minister
Mamta Banerjee.He is getting a spacious chambers in
Rail Bhavan - and would interact with officials of Railway
Board -train them on Parliamentary Practices. He will also
be advising the standing committee on Railways
and be attending the Railways consultative Committee.
Acharya shall liaise with Railways and

Insiders in Lok Sabha astonished to see the
downfall of  Acharya who held a status to that 
of Cabinet Secretary. And now, he is like
a exalted position of a section officer.
Suddenly huge turn out of retiring and retired IAS 
officials making  a bee line to pay a courtesy call on 
Chairman Rajya Sabha Hamid Ansari. Reason
is that present Secretary General VK Aghnihotri 
to complete his term. 

Latest in the list is  PDT Acharya wants
to be appointed as  Secretary General of Rajya Sabha.
He has rich experience of Lok Sabha proceedings,
and he rose from the lower ranks-as Translator from
Malayalam to English to the position of Secretary General.
But during his tenure as SG Lok Sabha he was spiking
on Rajya Sabha and never given the due courtesy to upper house.
Today Acharya aspires a high position in Upper House.
CAG Vinod Rai, is categorical that he would not be
reporting to PMO or to V K Shunglu on the recommendations
on CWG Scams. Vinod Rai in a communication to PMO
stated that he is answerable to Parliament of India
CAG recommendations are not secret. On the day of our
presentation to the Secretary General of Lok Sabha, 
the CAG report becomes a privilege document and to be
in the custody of Speaker of Lok Sabha. It is for the
Parliament to place it on the table of parliament.
Where is the question of a constitutional authority
like CAG flouting its own set protocols.
Major irritation for A Raja- Telecom Minister. 
P J Thomas appointment as Central Vigilance Commissioner 
drew criticisms on conflict of interest. As he was Secretary Telecom
and as CVC he cannot be sitting on judgement on 2G scam.

But the major headache for A Raja Telecom Minister is the
continuation of  J Sridhar Sharma  as 
chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) 
Petitions are now before courts that as Member of Telecom
Dispute Settlement Tribunal TDSAT, Sridhar sharma gave
lots of rulings. Now as Chairman TRAI same Sridhar Sharma
is negativing his own ruling. Insiders in Sanchar Bhavan
confide that Sridhar Sharma - as Secretary Telecom has
been against TDSAT and TRAI. After superannuation he held
both positions. If it comes for legal scrutiny in Apex court
Sridhar Sharma may quietly quit and go.Not to get into 
legal tangles like P J Thomas

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