Saturday, November 6, 2010


Tamil Nadu politics hotting up

PC meets Karuna 

and Jaya formlates ADMK MPs
on winter session strategy

By a correspondent

DMK, ADMK and Tamil Nadu congress are gearing up
for the Tamil Nadu assembly polls.

High level meetings have begun, there are uncofirmed
reports that from Congress-that is from
New Delhi political emisarries are in constant touch
with both DMK and AIADMK.

Interestingly, the first meeting in pre poll discussions
begun on saturday in chennai , withP Chidambaram Home Minister having
held a lengthy discussions with DMK Chief Karunanidhi
in Chennai. This meeting covered various political issues
including Sri Lankan tamils and DMK approach towards
Congress in the ensuing Winter session of Parliament.

16 MPs of DMK are to take a casual view on the CWG scams
if discussed in both houses of Parliament, DMK will neither
support or join the BJP sponsored motions.

While ten Congress MPs elected from Tamil Nad will distance
from the motion of BJP on A Raja Telecom Minister. Ten Congress
MPs from Tamil nadu shall be quiet - and would not support A Raja

This means a shift in the stance of Congress towards DMK.
But there are opportune time, for Congress also to strike.

Meanwhile, AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalitha has called
a meeting of her MPs at Poes Garden at six pm on Sunday.
to direct her MPs on issues to be taken up for winter session.
This meeting is significant as the future alliance of ADMK
is likely to be indicated to her MPs

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