Monday, September 19, 2011


HEARSAY one liners
New Delhi political grapevine snippets

By  R Rajagopalan

2G type scam to explode Private Secretary of a Union Minister of Congress 1994 IAS of
Manipur is being monitored by an investigative agency.
New look to PMO. Grand welcome reception to young faces headed by Pulok Chatterjee in October.
PMO Officials hosting a farewell dinner to TKA Nair on 3rd October. He served Dr Singh for 7 years .
TKA Nair was also PS to PM AB Vajpayee
TKA Nair being eased out as Principal Secretary to Dr Manmohan Singh on October 3rd. 
Pulok Chatterjee to take full control of PMO
Tamil Nadu Government has filed a case in Chennai High Court against a close 
relative of a Union Minister. 
Cabinet Secretariat is concerned over a complaint against a Secretary to Government
of India who attends office in inebriation He is also visiting his relative in Tihar Jail. 
Staff car log book revealed secret visits.

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