Saturday, October 17, 2009

new delhi grapevine snippets

"A Political trick" enacted by K Chandrasekhar Rao the
President of Telangana Rashtriya Samithi is a juicy story.
When KCR arrived in Delhi recently was keen to meet
Sonia Gandhi. And to tell her TRS willingness to rejoin UPA.
But no favourable response from 10 Janpath.

KCR hosted a Lunch to his partymen in Delhi.
Where he compared Sonia Gandhi as a Durga, Goddess
she is the real version of Ma Durga-Jesus and Allah- these
three put together is Sonia Gandhi.
KCR did not get invitation to come to 10 Janpath.
TKA Nair the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister drove to
the residence of Union Minister of Fertiliser MK Alagiri recently
Grapevine is that Nair was unable to communicate to Alagiri
in Tamil but gave gist in Malayalam accent Tamil.Many bureaucrats
eager to know the reason for a quiet visit.
"RAW" external arm of Indian intelligence outfit, and
internal squabbles have now come up for a legal scrutiny.
CK Sinha an additional secretary in RAW who was overlooked has approached
Central Administrative Tribunal. He isthe brother of former Governor of JK SK Sinha
CAT has since issued notice to Government on CK Sinha petition.
The drama will now unfold further.
Union Minister of Shipping GK Vasan wants to get back to President
Tamil Nadu Congress Committee as the state elections are likely to be
advanced to April 2010. Minister Vasan does not want to continue as
Union Minister. He conveyed his mind to Sonia Gandhi
and also to Prime Minister. Next Government in Tamil Nadu
shall have Deputy Chief Minister from GK Vasan camp. that is the
secret of his mission install Kamraj regime. This scheme has the
blessings of Rahul Gandhi
"'Recordable warning" was issued to a 1977 batch IAS officer who was till recently
held post as Additional Secretary in Udyog Bhavan by Central Vigilance Commission.
In CVC internal note to Department of Personnel stated that the said officer has
"pocketed " Rupees 20566 , which the officer received as a cash-back offer
for his flying various destinations on Government duties. Since the CVC has pasted this
on their notice board, interested parties did a mischief of making more photocopies
of this order and pasted on doors of the lift in Udyog Bhavan. None can file a defamation
case as it is CVC internal note.

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