Saturday, October 2, 2010

BJP wages a cyber criminal notice to AICC

40 lakh visitors were disappointed on Ayodhya verdict day?

BJP serves Cyber criminal notice 
to All India Congress Committee

By R Rajagopalan

BJP served a legal notice to AICC concerning an internet
link from, when accessed it is redirected to AICC.COM

During the Ayodhya verdict day, the BJP web site had nearly
40 lakh visitors..And most of them disappointed.. Hence this legal notice.

This correspondent before attempting this story too experienced the
divert of BJP.COM to AICC.COM.

BJP alleges that AICC with an ulterior political
intentions, bought the web site of BJP.COM from a foreigner
just to mislead the public and web visitors.

A new cyber war has begun between two major political parties
BJP and Congress.

No senior leader was available with BJP and Congress as most of them
enjoy Commonwealth Games updates, the BJP legal cell confirmed that
the legal notice was sent to AICC general secretary at 24 Akbar Road
New Delhi on Friday. And BJP legal cell had a acknowledgement from AICC>

When contacted, AICC commented that such a cyber war
as a frivolous issue and does not deserve a reply... 

AICC web managers and  technical experts will write a suitable reply to 
the notice as and when we receive. Such a cheap publicity by BJP on
its web site, does not deserve a comment - was the reaction by
Tom Vadakkan the AICCmedia cell in charge.

But BJP maintains that how can a BJP.COM a private web site
owned by "Bharatiya Journals and" was purchased by
AICC recently... And it was with a bad political motivation that such an
act was committed. the legal notice mentions

During 2009 Lok Sabha campaign -such  cyber war was heard of.
Like You Tube- Twitter.face book and i eye...In fact during 2009 elections
the LK Advani and Narendra Modi web pages were too much on demand.
Perday the web managers of these web sites, had difficult times to
upload the speeches and tour programmes of the BJP leaders
brought new wave campaign style. Congress also did such e-war
But after BJP innovcated it. A week's later.


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