Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hearsay- all heard in the corridor of power

new delhi political grapevine snippets
October 10, 2010

National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon is now ascertaining 
his position like his predecessor MK Narayanan. Menon though attending 
regularly in the morning meetings chairmed by P Chidambaram
MAC0 Multi Agencies Committee to review internal security.
At the same time Shiv Shankar Menon also begun to put up
top secret notes on issues concerning Left Wing Extremism,
J&K,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh refugees.All with the eyes on
external preceptions.

Recent  suggestion of Menon which has also been put to use
is to have an Indian Foreign Service diplomat 
in crucial ministries as Joint Secretaries. Menon  got the nod
from highest political authority. This new trend of posting diplomats
in Commerce, Agriculture, Petroleum, Energy, Environment
Company Affairs- all to result in a chaos-with Secretaries to
Government of India opposing it tooth and nail.
Vimala Narasimhan first lady of Andhra Pradesh and 
ESL Narasimhan Governor of Andhra Pradesh have opened up
Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad to carnatic music lovers to render
their skills. For the first time in Hyderabad Raj Bhavan
a KOLU a treaditional festival is being organised from October 8th to
October 16. 

Governor has sent out invitations to Chief Minister Rosaiah 
and other Ministers of Rosaiah cabinet. He also selected
hundred who is who of Hyderabad. advocates,school teachers
mediamen. industrialsits-scientists- bureacrats-police officers.
to this KOLU. 

KOLU - in means Dolls exhibition.It is a famous navratras festival
in Andhra, Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Kerala. To collect dolls
of all Gods and Goddess-made in paper smash- or plaster of paris
or with country sand..   In olden days
this was to be a support system to artisans and sculptures.
Elderly ladies would render carnatic songs in the evening hours
prepare snacks and distribute it to devotees.
"Do not take me for granted"- is the style of 
Sushma Swaraj Leader of Opposition, She told
in clear terms that after having been bitten once
now she is twice shy. In the issue of P J Thomas
as Central Vigilance Commissioner- Government got
a negative publicity-with Sushma Swaraj exposing 
UPA2 manoverability. Then the issue of Central Information
Commissioner. Sushma was categorical that
a senior most member should get the elevation as
Chairman and that she would not agree to any other
name proposed by the Government.

As per Supreme Court ruling Selection of  CVC, is by a panel with
Prime Minister-Home Minister and Leader of Opposiion. And
the Right to Information Act is too clear that PM in consultation
with Leader of Opposition shall select Chairman of CIC.

But in the case of choosing a Secretary General of Lok Sabha
Sushma Swaraj shown her authority. When Speaker Meira Kumar
sought her views on TK Viswanathan, Sushma Swaraj is believed
to have maintained that she is opposed to giving four years 
term -instead let us have eleven months contract. Leader of 
Lok Sabha Pranab Mukherjee also tried to  convince Sushma
but she stood to her ground.
Sooner the closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games 
are over - according to the corridors grapevine 
that political heads few   bureaucrats heads are certain to roll.
Four top politicians-all are from Congress.two or three serving
bureaucrats are now too scared that they would be in the line of fire.
Feeling too nerves about the investigations by Enforcement Directorate
and by Royal Revenue Service in London. All these trails lead
to a particular person. And that is Darbari. He is also set to
spill the beans. 

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