Monday, October 4, 2010

nitish kumar

Monday, October 4, 2010



This is a make or mar election, come out and vote

I am writing to you after a long gap. I have been extremely busy since the dates for Bihar Assembly elections were announced. Various activities related to the polls, from selection of candidates to overall preparedness of the party, have kept me preoccupied for the past one month or so.

As I have always said, the coming election is going to be different from the ones in the past in more ways than one. I think it is going to be a “make-or-mar” election for the state. For the first time in the electoral history of the state, development has emerged as a key factor in the polls this time. Each one of you have to decide whether you want the process of development to continue after the polls or want to go back to the days when progress was sacrificed at the altar of politics of caste, community and religion.

I have always maintained that development will take precedence over all other considerations in this election. It is heartening to see that most of you share my views. In a recent survey of a leading newspaper, I was pleased to note that an overwhelming majority had cited development to be most important factor in the polls.

In a state obsessed in the past with caste and community equations in the run-up to the polls, it is certainly a refreshing change. People from across the world often write to me saying they had given up hope for Bihar’s turnaround but the positive wave of reforms and change that took place during our tenure had changed their perception about the state.

At the outset of our tenure, I had made a promise to the people of Bihar that I would not come back to seek their votes if I would not succeed in bringing about the changes. I have little hesitation in saying changes are visible across the state now. This is why I have come back to the people to seek another term for our government. We have achieved quite a bit and we have miles to go.

The work culture in Bihar has changed. People have begun to repose their faith in law and order. We have taken several initiatives to work for the welfare of the poor, women, minorities, Mahadalits and other weaker sections of society. I have my eyes firm on what further needs to be done to ensure comprehensive empowerment of the impoverished and marginalised.

If voted back to power, it would be our priority to streamline the PDS system. We have done some experiments with food coupon and I want to give it a concrete shape at the earliest. I wish to reiterate my commitment that each poor should get his or her share of ration goods in a hassle-free manner. I also wish to focus more aggressively on improving the power scenario in the state as it is a prerequisite of development and we are brutally aware of this. We have relentlessly worked towards this and the results will begin to surface soon.

I am informed there are many national and international investors who are keenly observing the elections in Bihar. I wish to reassure them, the situation will become more congenial and investor-industry-friendly in times ahead.

I am resolute we have to turn Bihar into a Developed State by 2015. The rate of growth has been impressive and we wish to further capitalise on this. This can’t happen unless each one of us stand up and join the crusade.

My humble plea to all of you spread all over is to come out and use your right to vote. You will strengthen democracy and be the impetus towards intensify Bihar’s historic march to progress and prosperity. It does not matter whom you should vote for, but as long as you cast your franchise it would augur well for all of us.

It is festival time – Dussehra, Diwali and Chhatth is round the corner and it shall be peppered with the festival of franchisee. Come and rejoice the spirit of Bihar. Join your families during these festivities in deciding the shape of Bihar of the future. Your one tiny effort shall determine the fate and future of Bihar.

We are often accused by many of being complacent. Time has come to prove them wrong. Time has come to take that giant leap forward towards development.

I have always said we shall create such a vibrant and dynamic state which shall make us all proud. We shall create a Bihar where being called a Bihari will be a matter of pride. Being a Bihari henceforth will be a matter of Maan, and not Apmaan.

With best wishes,

Nitish Kumar

Postscript: I shall be busy campaigning for next few weeks and may not be able to write as often. However, I shall keep in touch with your ideas. Keep writing in. And do drop in your best wishes for us as well.

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