Sunday, December 5, 2010


beleive me so

UPA one D Raja stopped Govt functioning,  while UPA2 A Raja 
stopped Parliament functioning.

Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minsiter today entered Rajya Sabha
few minutes before it resumed session.
On seeing PM inside the House, D Raja CPI leader and Dr V Maitreyan
ADMK walked up to Dr Singh who is also the leader of Rajya Sabha 
shook hands And exhanged complimentaries. PM asked D Raja
in a humourous way, whether  the house will function. Raja in his 
style replied, no emphatic no. Then he turned to Maitreyan...
By that time Chairman Hamid Ansari 
was to resume his the Marshal announced the arrival of Ansari.
Each MP ran to their seats, to acknowledge the arrival of chairman
it is a respect to the chair. Dr Maitreyan whose comment could not be heard by 
Prime Minister was that UPA1 D Raja stopped Govt from Nuke deals, UPA2 A Raja stopped

Usually on Thursdays -during Parliament session, Prime Minister shall
be present during question hour in Rajya Sabha. It is a roaster duty
for PM also.
Jairam Ramesh Green Minister on Wednesday kept the Union Cabinet spell bound
for fifteen minutes with his presentation on a pssible stand that India should take on Climate Change 
meet in Cancun. And sought cabinet authorisation for negotiating with the international fora.
P Chidambaram and Kamal Nath two ministers put counter points to which Jairam with patience
explained how such arguments may not be valid. Prime Minitser Dr Manmohan Singh who
was hearing with rapt attention, told jairam to continue, as the interventions of Home and Surface
Transport Ministers will not hold good. Several Union Ministers soon after the cabinet was adjourned
went near to Jairam Ramesh and greeted him for excellent presentation. Cabinet Secretary
K M Chandrasekhar went upto Jairam to congratulate him.Reasons for many minsters
getting nearer to Jairam was that PM went by Jairam plans and pleas.Dr SIngh 
complimented and said that Jairam is now authorised to take up same arguments
in Cancun
DMK Chief Karunanidhi has asked A Raja not to speak to media on any
issues including 2G spectrum.  though this is a temporary direction from 
his boss, but aimed at neutralising the possible impact of campaign unleashed
by Jayalalitha against A Raja. None of the tamil media is serious to take up
the Nira Radia tape issue. Though the main players are DMK leaders.
Even A Raja has been asked not to come nearer to the Chief Minister
as photos taken with Raja might go against DMK in the ensuing April 2011
assembly elections. At one stage DMK high command wanted to
ask A Raja to remain in his parliamentary constituency. Short of suspension
from DMK. Senior leaders of DMK have openly compalined to Karunanidhi
that 2G spectrum scam may hit DMK 
Pranab Mukherjee Finance Minister stands for protocol and
respect for the Prime Minister. On key postings like
SEBI chief, Chairmen of PSU banks and Deputy Governors of RBI
Pranab da consults and seeks opinions of Prime Minister. Now the
SEBI chief is being finalised from a panel of six names.
The forerunner for SEBI is Dr K P Krishnan IAS officer of Karnataka 
cadre is now posted as Secretary to the Prime Minister Economic Advisory Council.
The other two names are UK Sinha and D Bandhobadhyaya. Pranab wants
PM to be kept in the loop., as he has vast experiences with the 
nature of the regulatory job, plus judging the bureaucrats for such top slots.
Centre constitues a high level search committee with the KM Chandrasekhar
as Chairman to select a panel for the post of Chairman State Bank of India.
The present incumbent OP Bhatt retires on March 31, 2011. Applications
are invited for this posts from competent persons. By middle of January 
the panel would be sent to Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.
SBI is the prestigious PSU bank. 
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh cleared Sitaram Yechury CPM leader
and M S Swaminathan both Rajya Sabha MPs as Delegates from India
on Climate Change in Cancun. Union Ministry of Environment
Insiders say just before elections in West Bengal, should Prime Minister
take a chance to have a political climate change of wooing CPM MP
Sitaram Yechuri.
Major General B K Khanduri former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand is likely
to be brought back in Uttarakhand as Chief Minister before 
Karnataka type of political crisis is to be repeated in  the state. 15 MLAs
who have RSS allegience,have met Central BJP leaders. Complained about
the rampant corruption in the state. Governor of Uttarakhand Margaret Alva
is waiting for a strike. 

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