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Hon’ble Members, the Two Hundred and Twenty First Session of the Rajya Sabha comes to a close. It displayed distinctive features: no debates or discussions on matters of public interest took place; no Special Mentions were made or laid on the Table; no Zero Hour interventions were sought; no questions were answered orally and no supplementary questions were raised.

Four Appropriation Bills were passed.  Altogether, the House assembled for 2 hours and 44 minutes in 23 days. 

        The prohibition in the Rules about shouting slogans, displaying posters, obstructing proceedings by coming into the Well of the House was consistently ignored.  Peace prevailed only when obituaries were read.

        All sections of the House would perhaps introspect on the record of this session to seek the distinction between dissent, remonstration, agitation and disruption. 


[09-11-2010 TO  13-12-2010 ]

1.      The 221st Session (Winter Session) commenced on Tuesday, the                   9th November, 2010.  The Session, as scheduled, comes to an end today, the 13th  December, 2010.

2.      The Session had 23 sittings in all and the House sat for more than 21/2 hours.  During the Session, more than 100 hours were lost on issues like                     (a) demand to constitute a JPC to probe the irregularities in allocation of                  2G spectrum (b) corruption in CWG 2010 projects (c) Adarsh Housing Society (d) offensive remarks made by former Chief of RSS                                  (Shri K.S.Sudarshan) against the President of the Indian Congress, etc. 

3.      The Chair congratulated the Indian contingent for securing second position in the recently held Commonwelath Games, 2010 in Delhi with 38 Gold,                     27 Silver and 36 Broze medals.

4.      During the Session, the House condoled the death of two of its sitting Members namely Shri Arjun Kumar Sengupta and Shri M. Rajasekara Murthy and adjourned on 9th November and 6th December, 2010 as a mark of respect to the memory of the departed souls. The House also made reference to the passing away of  3 former Members of the Rajya Sabha. 

5.      References to the (a) victims of Tsunami in Indonesia; (b) victims of a Building collapse in East Delhi; (c) Second Anniversary of Terrorist attacks in Mumbai on the 26th of November, 2008; (d) victims of Bridge Stampede Accident in Cambodia (e) Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and                             (f) Anniversary of Terrorist Attack on Parliament House Building on                      13th December, 2001 were made by the Chair.

6.      There was  a suo motu Statement by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports on the recently concluded Commonwealth Games, 2010 at New Delhi.                               35 statements were laid in pursuance of the Direction of the Chairman, Rajya Sabha, dated 24-9-2004 on the status of implementation of the recommendations contained in the Reports of various DRPS  Committees.

7.      4 Government Bills were listed for introduction of which 3 were introduced whereas 1 of the 2 Government Bills was withdrawn, amidst pandemonium in the House. 7 Government Bills were listed for consideration and passing/return but only 4 Appropriation Bills relating to Supplementary Demand for Grants (General and Railways) were returned amidst din.

8.      The following 3 matters of Urgent Public Importance were listed for   discussion in the form of a Calling Attention during the Session but none could be taken up:- 
(i)     Plight of small loan borrowers due to exorbitant interest rates  of microfinance institutions;
(ii)    Government’s assurance to waive off the debts of handloom weavers and other policy related issues; and
(iii)  Frequent accidents in railways and rail safety.

9. During the Session, 31 Bills were listed for introduction and 6 Bills were listed for consideration and passing under Private Members' Business (Bills) but none could be taken up.

10.      During the Session, 7 Private Members’ Resolutions were admitted but none could be taken up.

11. During the Session, 80 Reports/Statements of various Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees, Parliamentary  Standing Committees, Select Committees on Bills and the Report of the Inquiry Committee appointed under the Judges (Inquiry) Act, 1968 in respect of the Mr. Justice Soumitra Sen, Judge, Calcutta High Court, were presented or laid on the Table of the House.

12.  Report of the CAG on the issue of Licences and Allocation of 2G Spectrum by the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; Statement concerning ‘HIV/AIDS and the World of Work’ adopted by International Labour Organisation; Mid-Year Analysis of the Indian Economy for the year 2010-11; Progress Report on the Action Taken pursuant to the recommendations of the JPC on Stock Market Scam  were some of the important papers that were laid on the Table of the House during the Session.

13.  The proceedings of the House starting from the Question Hour were disrupted on almost every day during the Session resulting in repeated adjournments over the demand of a JPC to probe the irregularities in allocation of                                 2G spectrum due to which only one Starred Question was taken up for oral answer amidst din.  However, 480 Starred Questions and 3720 Unstarred Questions were admitted and answers thereof were treated as laid on the Table. 

Highlights of work transacted during the 221st Session – At a glance


Date of issue of Summons

Duration of the Session
09-11-2010 to 13-12-2010

Number of actual days of sitting
23 days

Actual Hours of sittings (excluding recess intervals)
More than 21/2 Hrs.

Time lost due to interruptions/adjournments
100 +  Hrs. 

Time made up by late sittings/skipping lunch recess

Date of prorogation of Session


No. of Starred Questions listed

No. of Starred Questions answered orally

No. of Unstarred Questions answered

Government Bills

No. of Bills introduced

No. of Bills withdrawn

No. of Bills passed/returned

No. of Bills referred to Select Committee

Private Members’ Business

No. of Bills introduced

No. of Bills part discussed (Under consideration)

No. of Bills withdrawn/negatived

No. of Resolution part discussed

No. of Resolution withdrawn/negatived


No. of Members made and subscribed oath/affirmation

Statements by Ministers

No. of suo motu Statements made/laid by Ministers

Matters of public importance raised

No. of Calling Attentions

No. of Short Duration Discussions

No. of Special Mentions

No. of Matters raised with permission

Submission by Members

Papers Laid on the Table


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