Monday, February 21, 2011


By R Rajagopalan

Third front leaders seek representation in JPC on 2G,
today they met Speaker Meira Kumar. Support for inclusion
of Left came from LK Advani. Their voice also to be heard
in JPC said Advani. Hence the Govt is keen to increase
JPC number from 21 to 30,.
Union Minister Napolean today met A Raja inside Tihar Jail
spent half an hour discussing personal as well as DMK affairs.
A Raja enquired the health of Karunanidhi.
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appointed
Ahmed Patel MP from Gujarat as member of Gujarat Waqf Board
This has irrirated Congress MPs
Osmani Students booklet is provocative. that Hyderabad will
face another Egypt style Tahirir Square. Blockade starts from
Tuesday for 41 days.No aircraft can land or take off from Hyderabad
from Thursday. People will march towards Airport in thousands not
to allow any passenger to come out or go into airport.
Central Hall on the opening day of Parliament gave a deserted look.
No senior MP or opposition leaders were present. This is a resemblance
for the Budget session to come. Many MPs will be busy in
electioneering campaign from March first week onwards.
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal MPs numbering to 100 may
not be present. Similarly Pranab da and Mamta will also be
missing their constituencies, as they should be here to get
the Budget passed.

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