Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PM to answer 20 questions from owners of TV channels

for TV interaction, while Sonia Gandhi
to announce CWC on Thursday.

By R Rajagopalan

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh spent the second half of
Tuesday with Union Ministers and senior officials to update himself
on the Wednesday TV editors meeting.

TKA Nair Principal Secretary to Prime Minister and Harish Khare
had identified thirty major issues on which possible questions 
expected. First and foremost is on ISRO Antrix-Devas deal.
Three or four times, PMO was in constant touch with
ISRO chief and with Kasturi Rangan. To elicit more inputs
on cancellation of the Devas deal.

The second key issue on which PM will face tough
questions on 2G and JPC.

But from PM personal preference would be to deal
more with the foreign relations questions-then economy
finally the politics. Dr Singh is certain to take his personal 
theory forward, like Shram el Sheikh- utterances. To deal
with Pakistan. PM is also likely to come out a political package
for J&K.  

Wednesday will be the day of Prime Minister  Dr SIngh,
while on Thursday, it is of Sonia GAndhi.

Both of them had strategised to hold on to the headlines
of TV and print media, Hence  a possibility of a massive 
publicity  for Sonia Gandhi who is set 
to announce the CWC and also AICC shuffle.

In Monday morning core committee the strategy to divert
focus of TV channels from ISRO to political side, 
AICC and PMO were too concerned on negative publicity
the UPA2 had drawn on ISRO. 

Prannoy Roy from NDTV, Arun Purie from Headlines Today
and top editors of the TV news channels are invited to interact 
on Wednesday at 1030 hours with Prime Minister at 7 Race Course Road.
Doordharshan will go live, while other national channels will link
to DD.

Just before Parliament, the publicity stunt style suggested
by the duo Harish Khare and Janardhan Diwedi will be put
to test, and that too just before the commencement of Parliament.


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