Thursday, June 16, 2011

heard so in corridors of power

JUNE 16, 2011

for publication on Sunday June 19, 2011

R Rajagopalan

"Dr Manmohan Singh and his Navagrahas" This is how a
theory is now in circulation. After Lunar eclipse, the planetic 
positions certainly change. But for Dr Singh, the saturn is
Ram Dev, likewise each planet is described with the following
eight personalities. The downfall of UPA2 and Dr Singh will
come from  MJ Akbar, Dr Subramanian Swamy, KN Govindacharya
Cho Ramaswamy, S Gurumurthy,Ritambra,Prasant Bhushan and
Anna Hazare. UPA2 is keeping a close watch on their movements
As the Government apprehends-danger in winter session of parliament
with a new concept of Rath Yatra on Lokpal Bill
Jayalalitha Chief Minister when she met Prime Minister
introduced Dr Maitreyan, Thambidurai, Semmalai and Balaganga
DMK MPs. But whenver Karunanidhi as chief minister met 
Dr Manmohan Singh was particular to keep either Dayanidhi Maran
or Kanimozhi - family members for translations. This is how
senior Congress observer commented. It convey huge political
Two DMK Union Ministers who have business interest in 
Tamil Nadu have begun to get closer to AIADMK and the
leader Jayalalitha. This is aimed at smooth functioning of their
institutions. This is not the only surprise, another speculation
after Jaya visit to Delhi that a family member of  DMK leader
Karunanidhi had a quiet meeting with two AIADMK leaders
These positionings are prepared for a possible post Karunanidhi
scenario - said a senior ADMK leader
Gesture of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to Jayalalitha 
is a classic piece. He not only spent quietly ten minutes 
with out aides- discussed politics.To top it all, Dr Singh
received her at the portico and seen her off by standing till
her car left. Dr Singh also chose to send his SPG sanitized 
SUV vehicle to Tamil Nadu house to bring Jayalalitha to 
5 Race Course Road. Due her health and knee problem, 
she cannot sit in a car which has a lower platform. 
She has to climb to sit next to driver seat
She needs space to move to get down from the vehicle, she
ails from knee joint problems. SPG Director KN Wanchoo
coordinated with Tamil Nadu police in despatch of SPG vehicle
to Tamil Nadu house from Race Course Road.
RAX telephones are provided to Union Ministers and to
Secretaries to Government of India. Restricted
Automatic Exchange. Just 4 digit phone numbers. 
Recently two Union  Ministers faced immense problems. 
Green Minister Jairam
Ramesh RAX was repair, not dial tone, but for MK Alagiri
who uses RAX to speak to DMK Ministers was much upset
as the 2G and 3G era, his RAX phone still in the 1990 model
instrument is kept in his chambers, he has to dial with roatating
fingers. Alagiri is not complaining as the RAX is maintained by
the Union Home Ministry-especially IB. Alagiri tapped his forehead
for an antique piece is kept in his chambers.

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