Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dayanidhi Maran and three other Union Ministers of DMK
were on a flight from Chennai to Delhi recently. As the aircraft
took off, hostess in public address system announced the time
of travel and security precautions. She also said that the cabin 
crew in charge was Ms Jayalalitha. On hearing this DMK Ministers
tapped their fore head, commented even in the mid air the scare
is of the name of Jayalalitha. From Chief Minister to Airhostess
another DMK Minister Jagathrakshagan who was seated
next to Maran turned back to check whether any ADMK MP
was travelling. But much interesting was when Green Minister
Jairam Ramesh heard this conversation had a boisterous laughter.
Speaker Meira Kumar has convened an all party
meeting on June 22, to take a fresh initiative to 
evolve a consensus on Womens Reservation Bill
In a letter to all the Political parties represented in Lok Sabha
she stated that the ensuing Monsoon session should take
up the Wormens reservation bill as passed in Rajya Sabha
on March 8 2010. 
Speaker Meira Kumar gave to Lok Sabha on
the International Womens Day.that she will try to
bring a consensus before Monsoon session .
PAC report submitted by Dr Murli Manohar Joshi 
is all set to be rejected by the Speaker as it does
not been prepared with the laid norms of the
PAC rules. Three meetings were held
between Speaker and the LS Secretariat
Legal experts are being consulted on the wordings
of the rejection statement by Speaker which will
be made on the first day of the Monsoon session.
Private banks have begun to give "Gift credit cards"
to top bureaucrats as courtesy. The denominations
are ranging between fifty thousands to one lakh.
A new disease is now set in the corridors of power
to get such plastic credit cards, which does not have
a name but just a numerical numbers. This new
practise of swiping the card only at vendors shops
and not at ATMs. This has become a new scam
as many top bureaucrats have now  indulging it.
Monsoon session of Parliament which was slated
for July 11, has now been shifted to July 18.
The cabinet committee on Parliamentary Affairs
is meeting next week to finalise the date
also to bring in Govt bills. Delay is caused
due to Baba Ramdev threat on Lokpal.
Insiders say that whenever the Lokpal bill is
introduced, the Lok Sabha were got dissolved.
Lokpal bill is jinxed, hence Govt wants to delay
further of monsoon session

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