Monday, August 18, 2014



Heard so in the corridors of power.
New Delhi 
Defence Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday is scheduled to visit the Indo Pakistan Border areas - touch the last mile of the Indian Borders near Wagah in Amrtisar. In his other responsibility as Finance Minister also would review the Drug smuggling with Revenue Officials. Visit to Golden temple offer prayers plus have special lunch with his friends at his newly renovated Bungalow which he purchased early this year.  It is also his Parliamentary constituency. 
Attraction is Arun Jaitley will travel frquently to Amrtisar in the coming years.
Bringing two Chief Ministers Nara Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrasekhar Rao over a discussion table is a bright initiative.  This was the observation of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi when E S L Narasimhan Governor of Andhra Pradesh briefed him over phone on Sunday evening.  Prime Minister asked Governor to meet him on Thursday in Delhi.
Two warring Chief Ministers spent three hours with the Governor in Raj Bhawan sorting out major differences of perceptions. Prime Minister also suggested to Governor Narasimhan to engage these two Chief Ministers with discussions- please invite for Dinner both the Cabinets of Chandrababu Naidu and Chandrasekhar Rao at Raj Bhawan. From Centre the funds allocations for both states will be to the satisfaction of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh was the word of encouragement from Prime Minister
Arun Baluni many in BJP were surprised over the inclusion as national spokesperson. He is from Uttarakhand, defended Narendra Modi from false propoganda that Modi organised evacuating ten thousands from the Flood fury
Baluni fought with local congress leaders for having spread a false story on Modi. From this it is established that 
Narendra Modi remembered the defence of Baluni -and among few suggestions to Amit Shah- inclusion of Baluni is also one. Baluni is too close to a media baron. That also added attraction for his elevation as National Spokesperson.
Speaker of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan is flooded with requests from 500 Members of Parliament-for inclusion of his or her name in the "powerful" Standing Committees..  Before the Winter Session of Parliament 45 committees will be in position. List is almost ready. Sumitra Mahajan wanted to consult the Leader of the Lok Sabha Narendra Modi and also Venkaiah Naidu parliamentary affairs minister before announcing the compositin of the committees.
Sumitra Mahajan does not hide the fact that 400 MPs were silent in debates -question hour-but 44 created a ruckus
and  adjourned the House.  People are watching how the majority of the House were maintained a stotic silence while 44 minority stalled the proceedings.
Some invitees overheard Smrti Zubin Irani union Minister on Independence Day discreetly enquiring the seating arrangements in the VVIP enclosure. She asked seniors in President Secretariat the protocol drills of seats next to President. As she was kept out  - and was to circulate with only VVIP.  Probably that irked as there was was no chairs to sit. This all happened at at home in. Mughul Gardens. Her eyes were soared to see Arun Jaitley Rajnath Singh seated next to President. Little later she was given a protocol manual.  The leader of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Leaders of Opposition in both houses are permitted by Pranab Mukherjee while others to circulate themselves among the other 2500 invitees. The matter was treated as closed   But in BJP circles this murmur went viral
THAMBIDURAI promotion as Deputy Speaker is likely land up in legal litigation  with his continuance as Propaganda Secretary of ADMK   According to BJP circles this is a conflict of interest
Shiv sena a key ally of BJP openly demanded during greeting deputy speaker in Lok Sabha that a respect to the chair decorum will be kept by THAMBIDURAI   Thee is buzz in delhi circles that some MPs are keen to move a privilege motion in parliament against ADMK THAMBIDURAI for his continuance of propaganda secretary. These MPs quite Lok Sabha rules also Kaul and Shakdar rule books  ADMK is caught in a tight spot..  THAMBIDURAI is also heading educational institutions. As a presiding officer such conflict of interest will be hindrance to justice inside Lok Sabha. Will THAMBIDURAI resign as Propaganda Secretary. Or else BJP will wait for more actions from Jayalalitha in replacing with other senior ADMK leader as propaganda secretary as she did in the case of appoints Venugopal as leader of AK Lok Sabha leader of 37 MPs.

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