Wednesday, March 3, 2010

advani sees kashmir secession?

3 March 2010


From Our Delhi Bureau

NEW DELHI: Veteran Bhartiya Janata Party leader Lal Krishna Advani created a big furore in the Lok Sabha, accusing the Manmohan Singh Government of preparing for a "clandestine" deal with Pakistan for secession of Kashmir in the garb of giving autonomy.

Describing the talk of autonomy as "nothing but a smokescreen for secession," he warned that even restoring Jammu and Kashmir's pre-1953 constitutional status would be "surrender, clear and simple." He went on to assert that "this has precisely been the aim and objective of Pakistan’s use of terror as state policy to achieve Kashmir’s secession."

The ruling benches protested and entered into a slanging match with the BJP members when Advani claimed "the government deliberately wants to say as little as possible on what it is doing, and what it is planning, with Pakistan." His suspicion of the hidden agenda on Kashmir comes from somewhat cavalier mention of readiness to explore a meaningful relationship with Pakistan in the President's address to Parliament on February 22, he asserted.

MASSIVE PROTEST: Participating in debate on motion of thanks for President's address, he asserted that the government's approach towards Pakistan is deeply flawed and warned the Prime Minister of "the greatest ever nationwide mass protest" in independent India if he makes "any deal that dilutes India’s already diluted sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir – or any part thereof."

Referring to the resumed secretary-level talks with Pakistan even after February 12 Pune bomb blast that killed 17, he charged the government of making up mind to delink the issue of terrorism from the bilateral talks as also reflecting in July 2009 joint India-Pakistan statement issued at Sharm al-Sheikh.

He spoke about contradictory statements from the government after the Pune blast and wanted the Prime Minister to spell out explicitly what is exactly the government's strategy on the dialogue with Pakistan. Parliament has a right to know the Prime Minister’s mind on this vital issue, Advani said, stressing that he could see pulls and pressures from foreign quarters influencing both timings and direction of talks with Pakistan.

FLAWED BELIEFS: Advani asserted that the government's dominant thinking in this regard is guided by three beliefs and then went on to debunk each one as flawed:

-- Both India and Pakistan are equally victims of terrorism, and therefore need to cooperate;

-- Threat of terrorism comes from non-state actors in Pakistan. Therefore, continuation of talks with the Government of Pakistan should not be “bracketed” with the issue of terrorism; and

-- Solution to the instability in the Af-Pak region lies in solving the Kashmir problem. Therefore, India should be willing to discuss and settle Kashmir if it wants an end to the menace of terrorism.

Advani pointed out that the belief of terrorism as exclusively handiwork of non-state actors stands contradicted by India asking Pakistan only last Thursday to hand over two Pakistani Army officers, who are suspected to be involved in the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai.

He challenged the Prime Minister to confirm or deny that the two Pakistan Army officers so sought are Major Iqbal and Major Samir Ali and that the role of the first major is believed to have been revealed during the interrogation of US terror suspect David Headley. "If it is indeed true, then it knocks the bottom out of the theory that terrorism in India is only the handiwork of non-state actors in Pakistan."

The veteran BJP leader also asserted that it would be a sad day for India if the government accepted the argument that "road to peace in Kabul runs through Kashmir" which some quarters in Washington and Islamabad are assiduously pushing.

DEFENCE DEFICIT: Turning to India's defence preparedness, Advani said India must not remain excessively dependent on imports for our defence needs. India is currently on a $50-billion dollar push over five years to modernise its military and much of it will be spent on imports. "Apart from a drain on our precious national resources, it is also not good for our defence preparedness," he said. 

"Some of the countries from which we import defence systems, also supply arms to Pakistan. What an irony it is that we buy arms with our hard-earned money from countries that then provide arms as part of an aid and grants programme," he said and urged the government to take up defence indigenization on a war footing to become self-dependent.

Welcoming a proposed change of policy to empower the defence minister clear defence projects up to Rs 10000 million to put behind lapse of large sums of money every year, he wanted it not to dilute transparency and accountability. He also wanted this autonomy to the defence ministry be used to clear defence indigenization projects.



Rising Gladiator said...

A real nice sumup of the point; n its seriously alarming. While i m nt staunch believer tht even if CONG is most corruptd will sell India. Bt yes thy diluting the Indian stand is also a curse to India. N in all I can say This thing dnt come out to b true, n we realize quickly tht US loves n Lust only PAK we Indians r juss their catalyst n experiment; which wen over will b thrown out of their policy; so instead of riding on support of US we shuld tk care of us

Piyush Kulshreshtha said...

The current situation on security aspects is alarming and discomforting. Indian Faujis have laid down their lives protecting the civilian authorities declaration of Indian territory. And the Congress Govt. is doing everything to bring sorrow to this country.

Not only is it thinking in the direction of giving up territorial claims, its also not letting the Armed forces add weapons to its arsenal. All the sanctioned money is lying around without a single disbursement.

PM Manmohan Singh even went on to disclose details on intelligence covert missions in Balochistan during Sharm Al Sheikh.

What should the country make of this situation? If all of this doesn't amount to treason what else does?

Is this country and the Armed Forces going to watch the Congress bring down everything, helplessly?

Is there no precautionary measure to protect the country from an almost imminent disaster?

drbala said...

it is very sad that government suddenly offered talks under us pressure..if we are going to lose our geoploitical focus by wrong approaches then i think..we are going to be in lot of sounds agressive when replying to advaniji..but this speech by advanji rightly points out the flaws in the governments approach to pakistan...