Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new delhi corridor gossips


for publication in VAARTHA on Monday March 2, 2010


Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh  instructed 
that decision taken by a high flying Union Cabinet Minister 
on policy issues be put up to the Cabinet Committee on Security.
Direction to this effect has since been received from the Cabinet 
Secretary to the Secretary of the Ministry of High Flying
Minister. Such instruction has never been issued.
Does this mean politically, Dr Singh has learnt 
art of politicking .Hence PM clipped the wings....
Needless to say that Dr Singh was trained by PV Narasimha Rao
In Central Hall the heart of massive Parliament House building, 
a special medical team is in attendance. During session, this team
on put on a high alert. To give first aid to the MPs. Security committee
of th Parliament recommended after the terrorists tried to enter Parliament
Of course three well equipped Ambulances are also kept at the three
enterances of parliament. To rush the ailing MP to a nearest hospital.
Kurta designs of Thathagath Satpathi the son of  Nandini Satpathi,
former Chief Minister of Orissa was the main 
attraaction on the day of Union Budget day.
many MPs went near to him and asked him
the name of the shop from where Thathagath picked up
the Kurta. Design was a long flower
which is an embrodaired. Not made from Lucknow.
but Thathagath  has a special designer. 
When MPs spoke to dress code, some Ministers in Central Hall
also commented on the new style of wearing a cap.
It is so unique and never had seen earlier during the
passing out parade or at raising day celebrations of
Central Police Organisations, P Chidambaram Union Home
Minister goes around in a jeep with white dhoti and white shirt.
But with logos of  BSF or CRPF in his khakhi cap.
So does AK Antony. This is not done. Generally speaking.
Cap has to go with pant and suit.


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