Wednesday, March 3, 2010


March 3, 2010



From R Rajagopalan 

Wednesdays are the Prime Minister Day in Lok Sabha. PM also has roster duty.
Today Dr Manmohan Singh was in Lok Sabha. Between PM and Sonia Gandhi
the Leader of the House Pranab Mukherjee sits. From press gallery if it is understood
well, estimation of many correspondents is , the real master of the ceremony is
Pranab Mukherjee. He conducts the proceedings and gives instructions.  Pawar who 
sits right side of Sonia, does not indulge in chat or gossips.He would invariably
read question and answer paper.
Mulayam Singh Yadav entered Lok Sabha at 1055. As house usually assembles at 1100 hours.
On seeing PM, Pranab da and Sonia Gandhi, Mulayam said with folded hands "Namaste"
Sonia also reciprocated. Lalu Prasad also stood up and greeted the treasury benches.Mulayam went near 
to Sonia and talked to her. So did Lalu Prasad. On seeing this, very effectively, Sushma 
gone from her seat to CPI and CPM and told them to continue protests. When these
were happening, the Marshall announced the arrival of Speaker Meira Kumar with 
his loud voice. Each went to their respective seats. Congress thought that 
by show of Mulayam coming near to treasury bench, the Opposition unity on
petro hike would be a good omen. But that was short lived. Lalu was first to shout
that suspend question hour reduce petro prices.
Pawan Kumar Bansal asked Pranab Mukherjee whether he can cross floor and speak to
Sushma Swaraj to estimate the depth of the opposition unity in petrol hike. Mukherjee stopped
Bansal. Waved his hand thus pranab prevented bansal. Generally it is Parliamentary affairs
minister to establish close rapport with Opposition leaders. But Bansal is yet to succeed
Though Bansal and Sushma are college mates in Chandigarh in their mid twenties.
Sonia Gandhi UPA Chairperson on Wednesday spent more than half an hour in central hall
with many Congress MPs. This is her first appearance in the Budget session. Girija Vyas MP
and Sachin Pilot both were chatting with Sonia. Elsewhere in Central Hall, senior Ministers
though saw her seated, none went near.BJP MPs cut jokes that is how Sonia Gandhi image
is builit up.
Sonia Gandhi refused to speak on Petro price hike, Telangana or Naga talks.
I am here to enjoy coffee with you all is the message from her. she nodded her head
appearing with a latest hair style. She looked very exhausted. One journalist  commented
but she said, is it so, you check your eyes was her return compliment to journalist.
Preparations are in full swing, for group of photo inside Parliament, near Central Hall for those
65 MPs to be taken on March 10. Putting Pandal, setting up of camera
and logistic work have begun. It is a routine photo. Rajya Sabha Secretariat
is organising this event.

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