Friday, March 12, 2010

new delhi corridor gossips

March 11, 2010

For publication on Sunday March 15, 2010

By R Rajagopalan

Rahul  Gandhi was in central hall of parliament on thursday. He was meeting
many Congress MPs.On seeing Biju Janata Dal MP Prasanna Patsani
Rahul called him'Swamiji" did you get consent? It is now crucial.
On hearing this, many MPs went near to Patsani who wears a saffron robe
and look like a "Saadhu" and asked what was the secret that he negotiated with
Rahul. Patsani replied that all about Women, Both of us are Bachelors. Do not ask
me further. BJD supports womens bill. Privately speaking Patsani said that
10 MPs of Biju Janata Dal are against 33%
Silver Jubilee for Special Protection Group (SPG) is being celebrated with a fan fare on
April 5, 2010 in New Delhi. This elite crack commando force which has been
protecting the Prime Ministers since 1985. On March 30, SPG and on April 6
there are several cultural and lecture programmes. Nandan Nelikani will be
delivering a commemorative lecture. Inder Gujral, Deve Gowda and Atal Bihari
Vajpayee are the three surviving former Prime Ministers, Atalji continue to get SPG
Mamta Banerjee Railway Minister is too sentimental and emotional leader.
When three Yadavs taken Mamta name that she alone moderated and
helped to bring peace,between Yadavs and Govt, she was feeling too happy
internally. But she was drawing a 'train' enginee" which was too visible
from the press gallery of Lok Sabha. Two or three Union Ministers who sat
next to her, were commenting that she is too sensitive and mercurial.
Do not disturb her drawing.let her be at peace to sketch her ministry logo
Anand Sharma Union Minister of late does not speak too much, as his
renomination is due for Rajya Sabha.However, Mamta Banerjee taken
Anand separately in Parliament House and went on to scold a senior
colleague in uncertain terms. How can you support West bengal Chief
minister when I am fighting them. Does he know Hindi, Bengali
he can speak toungelanshing English. In rural areas english is not going
to get Trinamool votes. That is why I am not attending the cabinet
You (anand sharma) go and tell this to PM and also to that Minister.
Such was her anger

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