Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Action against Jagan likely? pm summons andhra governor


PM wants Andhra Governor 
inputs on Jagan Reddy
and political inputs on possible
fall out?

By R Rajagopalan

ESL Narasimhan Andhra Pradesh Governor is rushing to
New Delhi on Thursday to meet Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh 
possibly Sonia Gandhi on Friday. 

Speculation is now ripe on summoning of Governor ESL Narasimhan to Delhi on two probables. Prime Minister wants to understand the
political ground realities as for as Telangana and Jagan Reddy
aspects are concerned.

With the backdrop of recent meeting of
D Srinivas APCC chief with Sonia Gandhi
the possible meeting of Governor is also
speculated at the highest political circles in Delhi.

Centre is also keen to take a political decision on
impending issues of Andhra Pradesh, hence after APCC
Chief meeting and getting real inputs from Governor
there is a possibility of Chief Minister K Rosaiah coming
to Delhi on Sunday is not ruled out


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