Sunday, August 22, 2010

karunanidhi summons DMK MPs to chennai


To draw up a strategy on Nuke Liability bill

By R Rajagopalan

Karunanidhi has summoned DMK MPs in Chennai on Tuesday
august 24, to discuss nuke liability bill, common enterance test for medical students
other state political issues.

DMK of late has not been comfortable with the Congress.
Senior DMK leaders suspect that Congress is playing double
game as the Tamil Nadu assembly elections are nearing.
A serious differences have cropped up.between DMK and
Congress. Irritating press statements by senior tamil nadu congress
leaders to keep DMK out in the2011 assembly elections,
had also added fuel to the fire.

In Parliament the easiness with which DMKand Tamil Nadu congress
leaders earlier behaved, are now fading away. Suspicion has cropped
up between DMK and Congress,

To sort out such irritating issues, Karunanidhi had called forTuesday
DMK MPs conclave in Chennai


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