Saturday, August 14, 2010

snake at union home minister's house in chennai

The snake couldn’t care less that it was rattling Union Home minister’s mother.     
P Chidambaram’s mother Lakshmi Ammal spotted a snake in her compound on Thursday morning 
and rung up the fire and rescue service department. The personnel from the Mylapore fire station rushed 
to the house on South Canal Road in Mandaveli. But even after hours of search, they could not ferret out the snake.     
But on Friday morning, the snake surfaced again and Lakshmi Ammal rung for the firemen again.     
This time, the firemen found it under a cement slab in the compound.     
A fireman said, “We rescued a 6-foot-long rat snake from the house. 
It is non-poisonous and does not cause harm. We have handed it over to the Guindy snake park”. 


BK Chowla, said...

It is time to remove a lot of poisonous snakes from Delhi

Pradeesh said...

If this kind of service is provided to every kind of citizen, Every one will be proud of their governnment!