Friday, January 28, 2011


28 Jan 2011


By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Thanks to a Delhi High Court order, the First Information Reports (FIR) of  crimes registered by any police station in the capital will be put online on the Delhi Police website within 24 hours of the registration and an accused can demand a copy by right instead of seeking one through the court.

The new regime comes into force from February 1, putting an end to several rounds of the police station one has to make and grease the palms to get a copy of the FIR. Only those FIRs concerning the sensitive crimes like terrorism, national security, rape, molestation and kidnapping for ransom may not go online.

In its ruling on December 6, the High Court also blasted the police for taking cover of Section 207 of the CrPC for denial of a copy of the FIR to the accused. It said an accused is entitled to get a copy at an earlier stage than as prescribed under the CrPC that says the accused has to move the magistrate's court to get the copy.

The High Court held that fair and impartial investigation is the fundamental right of an accused and he need not move the court to get a copy of FIR as it is the duty of the police to provide it. An accused or his representative or his lawyer has to just pay Rs 25 as the charge for getting a copy of the FIR. However, if it runs into more than four pages, he has to pay Rs 10 for each extra page.


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