Friday, January 21, 2011



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UPA2 leader Sonia Gandhi gift to DMK is revival
of  Tamil Nadu Legislative Council by end of this month.
After a suspension of 24 years the Council is revived.
Once the Council is formed in mid February 2011 much before
Tamil Nadu polls, the DMK chief Karunanidhi wants K Anbalagan as Chairman
of 78 members Tamil Nadu Legislative Council,
DMK is to give 8 seats of nomination to Congress. Karunanidhi also has 
plans to get Governor's nominations numbering twelve to DMK activists
With such DMK and Congress shall have a strength of 45
In the event of Jayalalitha returns to power - the legislative council
will be a blockade for all innovative measures. 
Internal Tamil Nad Congress politics is such that out of its 8 seats
G K Vasan, KV Thankabalu and Chidambaram group will now
begin to fight for their rights.
Green Minister Jairam Ramesh is keen to render vocal carnatic music 
at a function in Thiruvaiyaru to commemorate Thyagaraja Festival.
G K Vasan is the Chairman of the trust. But TNCC is surprised with
a new chemistry-between Jairam and Vasan,
They feel this new combination will further erode the
authority of Chidambaram in state politics.Adage is
"enemy's enemy is my friend"
Kiran Kumar Reddy Chief Minister found himself in a tight spot.
PMO and Finance Minister Offices insisted him to go slow on
implementation of Micro finance institution act passed by Andhra
assembly. Many of the Public Sector Banks oppose andhra act.
Kiran Reddy's first test case- will he oblige PM or dying farmers
due to MFIs
Fiasco at PM function during launch of mobile number portability
at Vigyan Bhavan. No live coverage of the PM speech or Kapil Sibal's
with TV channels were prevented to take wire into the second floor
as the hall was too cramped and small in size. TV cameras could not
be accommodated. SPG and PMO were upset with Kapil Sibal
for having chosen the smallest hall. From Mobile Number portability
the joke in Telecom is that fiasco will make Kapil Sibal portability easier
than number portability.
Why Andhra Congress MPs meeting with Pranab Mukherjee
was held inside Parliament House on Thursday night.
Reason if it was held in Pranab da house in Talkatora Road,
like past two times, the Telangana students ghero the carcade
of Andhra MPs. Apart from this two students sat on bonnet of
of Pranab Mukherjee army vehicle. Police cannot shoot down
the telangana student . One Congress MP joked that student was
like a mouse on Shivling. You cannot smash a mouse, as blood
will come on ling.

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