Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Cabinet Secretary is yet to get the list of new faces 
for induction

Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar is waiting for the list of new faces
to be inducted. He will be the first to get the list from Prime Minister for
for today evening cabinet swearing in ceremony. Reason, KM Chandrasekhar
has to issue a letter as Cabinent Secretary inviting the incumbent Minister
that Prime Minister has desired to induct him or her to the Council of Ministers
and please indicate the acceptance and awaiting him or her to be sworn in.
Insiders in the Cabinet Secretariat told this correspondent that at elven
am the list might be sent to them for further administrative actions.
Sonia Gandhi is scheduled to have three days holidays with her close relatives
from Friday morning. Six members of family have arrived in Delhi from London.
Informed sources say that scheduled departure time is known only to the pilot
of  a  ten seater special aircraft provided by an airport builder. She wants to escape
the pressure soon after the Union Cabinet shuffle.
Pranab Mukherjee opted out of his heading the Indian delegation to World Economic
Forum to be held in Davos.As Pranab da is busy with the budget preparations conveyed
his decision to Prime Minister. PMO sources confirmed that Dr SIngh has deputed
P Chidambaram to be the leader in place of Pranab da.
Two Union Ministers played Cards with a deputy chief minister 
from ten pm to three am - through out night- but the winner 
is deputy chief minister who won more than ten lakhs. as
per winning point a nominal amount was agreed upon as one lakh.

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