Friday, January 28, 2011


New Delhi grapevine snippets
for publication on Sunday January 30, 2011


R Rajagopalan

MK Alagiri celebrated his 60th birthday before 
Karunanidhi in , by tying Mangalsutra to his 
wife for second time.(sashtiabthapoorty)
MK Stalin and Selvi were present,. But not Kanimozhi
A senior CWC member from north India was 
full of praise for Union Home Minister
Chidambaram. The senior Congress leader stated
that Chidambaram will be remembered in history for 
3Ts. (Tiranga, Telangana and Thomas(PJ)
Other leaders had a boisterous laughter on this cheap joke.
Government is yet to allocate Residential accommodations
for two Vigilance Commissioners Garg and Sri Kumar.
are staying in guest houses.
Robert B Zoellick Chairman World Bank convyed 
his appreciation to Finance Minister Dr Pranab Mukherjee 
and felt proud to tell him that he had interactions with the
two prospective Prime Ministers. Pranab da was 
taken back. Much attracted by Nitish Kumar performance
and the second is the immense knowledge of Rahul Gandhi
on rural development. Zoellick also stated that the
guidances from Jairam Ramesh Green Minister
and also from Pulok Chatterjee the Executive Director
of World Bank.
Rahul Gandhi spent one hour with the Chairman World Bank
Robert B Zoellick without fanfare in media, discussed
future rural development and right to information. 
2011 calendar of Parliament of India was designed by
Meira Kumar Speaker of Lok Sabha. Artistic works around
the corridors were taken as the main theme of the calendar.
Each month had the best selection. For next year 2012
Meira Kumar decided to have a theme of outside view of
12 select parliaments of the world including Sri Lanka and 
Sushma Swaraj is believed to have engated a private 
media relations agency to project her image as shadow
prime minister. They are now tweeting her one liners.
She dictates the tweets to 'control room'  in New Delhi. 
Face book and Orkut are now full of BJP leaders.
certain disadvantages are also to be faced in digital media 
relations. One question was on B S Yedurappa. But no
answer from Sushma.

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